Five Country Music Instruments Students Can Learn in Their Pastime


We would like our education to define our future, but unfortunately, things don’t always turn out that way. You may study law but end up becoming a fashion designer. And despite all your attempts at an artistic career, you may settle down on something more average. The great thing is that whatever you’re learning right now can come in handy later. 

It’s quite possible that now you’re more likely to order a paper from an essay writing service rather than write it on your own, as you don’t see your future career path connected with writing in any shape. But, who knows, it’s possible that you will end up being a journalist or a copywriter. And the way you research the material for your essay, brainstorm the ideas and try to prove your point will come in handy. 

Sometimes things may go in the direction you’re planning, but you may find yourself in a different genre. You were planning to become a horror writer but found more fame with romance novels. Initially, you wanted to become a soul performer but ended up in EDM or country. But, hey, you’re not surely interested in:

  • Cowboys;
  • Honky-tonk tunes;
  • Folklore lyrics.

And other things that are generally associated with country music. But country music is performed with the use of specific instruments. Those instruments are not unique to this style of music and can be used in any other genre. So, knowing how to play them opens doors to any other genre you may want to try.

Acoustic Guitar

It’s hard to imagine a music style where acoustic guitar is not used. It will pop up here and there, even if the style relies heavily on electronica and samples. As country is rooted in folk music, you can hear acoustic guitars basically on every song that is representative of the style. 

But you don’t have to be a fan of country music to get an acoustic guitar, as it’s a go-to instrument if you’re planning to venture into music in any way. If you don’t have a piano in your house and you want to become a musician, the instrument you’ll most likely settle on is an acoustic guitar. 

It’s easy to learn how to play on them. YouTube nowadays is full of free tutorials. And it’s not that difficult to get one. When it comes to new guitars, depending on the brand, the prices may range from $100 to $3000. But if you opt for a used one, you can easily get an acoustic guitar for under $100. 


Although Banjo is frequently used in multiple music styles, it’s often associated with country music. The origins of Banjo go all the way back to the 17th century. The instrument was frequently used by enslaved people in North America. Up to the early 1900s, the typical Banjo had just three strings, but new models with four and five strings started getting manufactured. 

Prior to becoming a staple instrument in country music, Banjo was regularly used in Ragtime and Jazz. Learning how to play Banjo is quite easy, but getting one can be more costly than buying a guitar. The starting price for a new one is around $500. Yet, there’s always a chance to get a used one for a lower price, which will perfectly serve for learning how to deal with the instrument. 


French or blues harp, which is also known as harmonica, is a staple for country ballads. Not that every country ballad has a harmonica, but the instrument is utilized quite frequently. The instrument was developed in Europe in the 19th century. Despite the name “French harp,” the first harmonica was actually developed in Austria in 1824. 

The instrument consists of a comb, reed plate, cover plate, wind-saver, and mouthpiece. If you’re oblivious to harmonica, the last part should suggest that the instrument is basically a mouth organ. The instrument is perfect for creating a melancholy mood in the song. 

Learning how to play it is fairly easy, and harmonica is not that pricey. Even a new one will cost between $35 and $100. 


The family of lute instruments is quite vast. Mandolin may remind you of Banjo at first glance, but the instrument comes from Europe. The mandolin was developed in Italy and became extremely popular across Europe during the Napoleonic Wars. Used in different music styles, it’s nonetheless quite popular in country music. 

Generally, the mandolin has four courses of doubled strings, but some models have four, five, and six strings, as well as five or six courses. The instrument produces quite an interesting sound, so a mandolin-based song in no way sounds minimalistic. 

It’s not hard to learn how to play it, but the instrument is not cheap. You can get a steel-string mandolin for a bit over $100, while other variations may cost up to several thousand. 

Electric Bass

For contemporary music, the lowest-pitched member of the guitar family is the basis of most songs. The instrument was developed by the Seattle-born musician and inventor Paul Tutmarc in the 1930s. It took the instrument around twenty years to almost completely replace its predecessor, the double bass, in popular music. 

Yes, the electric bass is not a country music exclusive. It’s an instrument used literally everywhere. If you know how to play bass, you easily become one of the most wanted session players. And judging from the most prominent period in Pink Floyd’s career, bass players can be a pretty good lead.

Learning how to play bass is not that difficult. Once again, YouTube tutorials can come in handy. But they are quite expensive. Among all the instruments listed in the article, Electric Bass is probably the most expensive one, with a starting price of over $200. 

Final Thoughts

You may dream about a career in music, and you may dream of doing something else. Regardless, knowing how to play a particular instrument is always a winning feature. Even if you don’t become the next Garth Brooks, you can still impress your friends with your musical abilities.