Music Remedy for Students: 3 Country Albums Upcoming in 2023

There is nothing better than chilling to your favorite music while taking a break from studies or even using the tunes to lift the spirits when doing your assignments at home. 2022 offered a lot of new great music releases that could blow your mind. However, the old music gets boring, but don’t worry. 

The current year is also going to be a rich year for music masterpieces. With country music being one of the most popular genres in America, expect to hear a bunch of fresh country songs. 

Stay excited because the debuts from the best song artists are not far away. This year, millions of students worldwide are preparing for a new dose of music from famous artists that somehow manage to make their studies more pleasant.

Every student needs to take breaks from studies; otherwise, they risk getting stuck in writer’s block or, even worse, completely burned out. Taking free time with music is an amazing way to cope with stress and get new inspiration if you are into a creative field. Also, it’s a smart option to use Writemy to make sure you don’t skip your deadlines and deliver all of your assignments properly without risking the quality. 

Do you need to fill up your playlists with new awesome songs? Let’s look at what 2023 has in store and what three outstanding country albums are going to be released this year. 

Jordan Davis’s “Bluebird Days” 

This artist is a total hitmaker and has already released his first full album. But this year, everyone is anticipating the new one, and the artist has already made his plans obvious by sharing on social media, “Pumped to share new music with ya’ll.” 

He also released his merch bundles – great news if you are to become a fan. The new album will be named “Bluebird Days” and released on February 17, 2023. 

The new album will feature the CMA award-winning song “Buy Dirt,” which was announced with the title “Song of the Year.” In addition, it will include the Top 10 song “What My World Spins Around.” The artist created the hit with the help of his brothers, Josh and Matt Jenkins. 

The other songs the fans adored the most, “Next Thing You Know” and “Part Of It,” will also be found there. “Part Of It” is an especially sweet song about the story of high school love and is perfect for a good time off studies and daydreaming. 

Cole Swindell’s “Stereotype Is Broken” 

The singer has already released his new track called “Drinkaby” and, as he did so, announced that the new album is also coming. The artist makes a note that this song is more of a fun breakup song and shares that he is excited to play it live. 

Featuring three new songs, the new album of multi-platinum music artist Cole Swindell will be released on April 28. The album will have 17 songs in it and is available for pre-order. 

Expect such awesome songs as “Never Say Never” along with Lainey Wilson, “Broken,” and “Single Saturday Night.” 

This fourth music album will be filled with love and heartbreak, but at the same time, it’s one of the most passionate projects the artist has done. In some of the songs, you could find the lyrics to be about some country girl, and in others, about how we can’t always judge people by their actions. It’s also very personal and could reveal a lot about the singer’s feelings. 

This album is promised to be a reflection of the artist’s vulnerable side, but that’s exactly what will make it so interesting to listen to. The closing song, “Walk on Whiskey,” is an acoustic track that is all about coping with a loss of a loved one. So, if you need some drama and deep emotional music, this album is a perfect fit for your college days off. 

Dierks Bentley’s “Gravel & Gold”

The time has come for Dierks Bentley to finally release his album after teasing his fans for several months already. Despite taking so long to formally announce the release, expect the 10th studio album to be available on February 24, 2023. Seems like the artist put a lot of love into this album as he shares that he had to restart all over multiple times to make this one a special collection. There will be 14 songs in the album.

“Gravel & Gold” is filled with his personal vision after years of traveling from town to town. Bentley claims that he did everything possible to make this one the best country music album for his fans. With such a statement, everyone expects it to be something truly fascinating, so it’s worth taking a chance to hear what lies behind its title.

The title also relates to the artist’s latest lead single, “Gold,” – the ultimate anthem for life. The main theme is how living in the moment is the most important thing.

Moreover, you’ll be able to hear the artist’s songs live because, in April, July, and August, Dierks Bentley will be arranging a tour.
Visiting live concerts is the best experience a student can have in their college years, but homework rush can interfere. In such cases, the best research paper writing services come in handy when you need to take some time off for your favorite artist’s concert. By getting back on track, you’ll feel energized and even more motivated to study.