Henry Joseph Releases New Country Single Love You Some

Who is the next big thing in country? Move over Bailey Zimmerman. Inspired by artists like George Strait and the country music of his childhood, Henry Joseph is a new country act who’s taking the music industry by storm. Who is Henry Joseph? Henry Joseph, whose real name is Joseph Henry Lengson, is an American musician, author, photographer, and entrepreneur. 

Joe Lengson first got his feet wet in the industry touring as the bass player in MyChildren MyBride. While touring, he was simultaneously writing his novel, Sleeping in Parking Lots. He was also responsible for the musical project The Woodsman’s Babe, which was signed to CI Records and toured the United States under United Talent Agency. In 2018, he returned to his country roots and began working on the project that would become Henry Joseph.

On December 9, 2022, Henry Joseph followed up on his singles Goodnight Goodbye, Drop A Line, and The Earthquake with his fourth official single, Love You Some. Love You Some takes you to the country as Henry Joseph sings his heart out to the woman he loves. “So what I drink some beers, and clean my guns? I buy you stuff and I still love you some,” Henry Joseph sings on the hook of his catchy new track. The song is available on all streaming platforms and also had a music video drop alongside the audio. 

Henry Joseph is here to stay. For fans of the golden age of country, Henry Joseph’s music may pull at your heartstrings and usher in feelings of nostalgia. Those who lean towards pop country may still enjoy his music, with singles such as Goodnight Goodbye and Drop A Line more in line with what those listeners love. Either way, if you like country music, you’ll likely enjoy Henry Joseph’s music. Take a listen to his fourth official single, Love You Some, on Spotify or your favorite digital streaming platform.