6 Tips to choose tie backs for outdoor curtains

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

You’ve therefore decided to install curtain tiebacks or holdbacks in your house. I love that! They are a fantastic way to give your curtains a little extra flair and personality, and they can help the space feel more finished. The final touches, such as curtain tiebacks and holdbacks, give your curtains a polished appearance. They maintain the curtain rods’ position to prevent their slipping out of their brackets or becoming entangled with one another. It’s a straightforward addition to any place, but it may significantly alter your feelings!

How do curtain holdbacks and tiebacks work?

Curtain tiebacks and holdbacks prevent your drapes from completely enclosing your windows. As the name suggests, a curtain tieback is a decorative accent that fastens a curtain to the wall. The tieback and a hardware set that screws into the wall above and behind the window make up these components. Using metal hooks that slide over nails in the wall, the tieback loops around the curtains and is firmly fastened on either side of the window. Comparable to tiebacks, curtain holdbacks are attached to your curtains with decorative hooks rather than fabric. They’re excellent at preventing your curtains from covering your windows.

Tips for choosing Tie Backs for outdoor curtains

If you don’t hesitate to use your imagination, picking the best curtain tiebacks can be simple and enjoyable. To add your distinctive flair to your house, there are many different tieback curtain accessory options available for purchase in stores and ones you can assemble yourself.  

  • The most important considerations when using curtain tiebacks, whether purchased or made, are size and overall appearance. Generally speaking, the curtain tieback should be thicker and sturdier the heavier the drapes. For instance, it might be necessary to put large iron tiebacks into the wall to hold back heavy velvet curtains. Lightweight sheer curtains only need a simple tack-in on each side of the window for the tieback.
  • Matching Tiebacks- Matching Tiebacks are usually offered as a free accessory for purchasing a Readymade Curtain. They typically have the same design as the purchased curtains because they are created from the same fabric. Matching tiebacks are practical and cost nothing, but they have the potential to be perceived as monotonous and safe.
  • To hold your curtains back, curtain tiebacks are positioned on either side of the window. When leaning against the wall, bold and contrasting colors make them stand out from the curtains. For instance-, Blackout outdoor curtains. However, if you like a more subdued blended appearance, pick a color that goes well with your wall color and drapes. Choose drapes and tiebacks in the same tonal range as your wall color to achieve this. Outdoor Blackout Curtains of different ranges of color will give your room a well-put-together appearance. Alternatively, you can locate some fabulous eye-catching curtain tiebacks if you prefer a more overt statement.
  • Since tiebacks are positioned on either side of a window, they attract the eye, especially if they stand out from the wall color. If you like a more blended look, consider a curtain tieback color near that of your wall. Instead of looking out of place with the curtains, the tiebacks’ color should complement them. Make careful to maintain the mood in the curtain tiebacks if the window treatment is in a dramatic design. In this situation, something too simple would look out of place and lessen the overall impact of your draperies.
  • Your curtains should include tiebacks that exhibit your sense of style, preferences, and personality. Choose beaded or shiny tiebacks if you like the sophisticated look. Alternatively, pick tiebacks with lovely ornate fringes or tassels if you like a more classic appearance. Simple rope tiebacks look wonderful for something sleeker and more contemporary. A magnetic tieback is an excellent choice if you want something adaptable and reasonably priced. Depending on the size of your curtain and your personal preferences, there are numerous ways to style a Magnetic Tieback.
  • When selecting tiebacks for your curtains, staying consistent with your decor’s overall theme or design is crucial. For instance, metal curtain tiebacks in the form of leaves can be the ideal accent in a room with lots of plants. The greatest tiebacks for a contemporary living room would be those made of sleek, modern stainless steel. Tassels of silk or similar embellishments may be used on traditional tieback designs. Although Tassel Tiebacks may be a little more expensive than Magnetic Tiebacks, using them with extra-wide living room drapes is the ideal approach to give your house a posh appearance.