11 Best Country Gospel Songs Of All Time

Songs are entertaining and encouraging. They can help one rise again after hardships and give hope. Luckily, there are many types of songs; hence, everyone can easily pick their preference and benefit from what it offers. 

Regarding song types, have you tried country gospel songs? These songs are inspirational and are an ideal source of strength in times of trouble. If this sounds like something you might want to try, here is a list of some of the best country gospel songs of all time. If you currently reside in Australia, you might also want to listen to Hope 103.2 to find out more about uplifting country gospel songs and the minds behind them. 

  • What A Friend We Have In Jesus By Alan Jackson 

What A Friend We Have In Jesus‘ lyrics were first written in 1855 by Joseph M. Scriven. The lyrics aimed to comfort his mother living in a different country.  

After developing the lyrics, Scriven published the poem anonymously. As a result, Scriven wasn’t credited for the lyrics until the 1880s. Later in 1868, Charles Crozat Converse composed the tune to the lyrics. Since then, the hymn has been sung in many versions, including the famous country version by Alan Jackson. 

  • Can The Circle Be Unbroken By The Carter Family 

This country gospel song is a re-work from the hymn, ‘Will The Circle Be Unbroken?’ The hymn was covered by many artists from all generations and was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. 

  • Farther Along By Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, And Emmylou Harris 

This song has been recorded by Johnny Cash and Brad Paisley, among other renowned artists. However, after being covered by the renowned trio, the outcome was on another level. The collaboration among the widely accepted vocal powerhouses, Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton, and Emmylou Harris, has since been one of its kind, which shows there’s power in collaboration and unique vocals. 

  • Three Wooden Crosses By Randy Travis 

Kim Williams and Doug Johnson were the minds behind this hit country gospel song, which was then recorded by a renowned country music singer, Randy Travis. The song was released in 2002 and became Travis’s 16th and final top-one single. 

Later in 2003, the Country Music Association named Three Wooden Crosses the Song Of The Year. This is before the Gospel Music Association awarded it a Dove Award for being the Country Song Of The Year in 2004.

  • Pray By Merle Haggard 

Pray has been among the best country gospel songs for some time. While this song doesn’t quote any verse in the Bible, it aims to remind people to pray, count their blessings, and be thoughtful of those struggling. 

  • Why Me By Kris Kristofferson 

The ‘Why Me’ lyrics were written by Kristofferson when he attended a religious service during an emotionally low period of his life. He never thought he needed help until he listened to Larry Gatlin’s song ‘Help Me (Lord).’ The song inspired the ‘Why Me’ tune. 

  • I Saw The Light By Hank Williams 

I Saw The Light was written by William in 1947, after returning from a show in Fort Deposit, Alabama. Since it was written, the song has become one of William’s most recognized and accepted hits, especially as it has always been William’s show closer. Many world-famous performers have covered this song. Nevertheless, no cover has ever surpassed the original. 

  • Long Black Train By Josh Turner 

Turner wrote this song following a vision of people watching a long, black train passing by. After a while, he had a revelation about the vision, which made him understand the train could have been signifying physical temptation.  

  • Wings Of A Dove By Ferlin Husky 

This song was Husky’s final number-one hit on the country chart. The song refers to several passages in the Bible about doves sent by God. These doves include the one that appeared during Jesus’ baptism and the one sent to Noah during the flood. 

  • The Man Comes Around By Johnny Cash 

This song consists of different Bible verses, spoken and sung. The writer revealed that it was inspired by a dream he had about Queen Elizabeth II.

  • The Old Rugged Cross By Alan Jackson 

The song’s creation dates back to 1912. During the fall of that year, evangelist George Bennard wrote the lyrics. This song is among the best country gospel songs and has been covered by many talented artists, including Anne Murray, Patsy Cline, and Merle Haggard. 


Listening to good songs has several benefits, such as improving memory and promoting happiness. They’re also an excellent source of encouragement and comfort. If you’re yet to start listening to country gospel songs, you might want to try the ones mentioned above for a wonderful experience.