Why is Canada the Best for First-Time Immigrants?

When thinking about the best destinations to move into, Canada is one place that pops into mind the most. With America’s slew of anti-immigration policies or scandals, plenty of immigrants are now turning towards other places in hopes of settling permanent residency. This has placed Canada on center stage as the best place for immigrants who are seeking to relish the American dream and start anew all the same. 

Aside from this, Canada is also reputable for its economic stability and diversity, making it an attractive destination for many. Not only that, but it also has the highest rates of immigration, welcoming about 250,000 first-time immigrants every year. Employment in the country has also been constantly elevating since 2008. 

While there may be complex regulations and laws related to Canada’s immigration, there are always Canadian immigration lawyers you can turn to for assistance to make the experience more convenient on your end. 

That being said, here are five reasons why Canada makes for the best destination for new immigrants!

  1. Cultural Diversity

One of the major things that makes Canada an enticing place for immigration is its openness to immigrants. In Canada, there are no unnecessary anti-immigration policies brought forward by its political parties. This only further emphasizes Canada’s progressive attitudes and mindset, establishing a distinction from other destinations that some immigrants may consider. 

Moreover, this kind of attitude has also largely influenced how the world views Canada as a nation. A large majority of the globe’s population considers Canada a country that has unbridled respect for individual rights and freedom — values that are manifested in the way it readily welcomes immigrants, offers a high standard and quality of living, as well as how it embraces differing cultures, identities, and races. 

  1. Economic Opportunities 

Immigrants are also particularly interested in seizing brand new opportunities, especially since the country has been ranked one of the most efficient and vibrant markets for career and labor. 

Even though it has the 38th largest population worldwide, it nonetheless punches more than its weight because of how it has the 10th largest economy. This comes as no surprise since it has overtaken Russia in 2015, producing an output of about $48 100 per capita or 1.6 trillion in total. This statistic alone is already indicative of the mobility and prosperity that immigrants alike have been searching for. 

  1. Top-notch education

Whether you’re a parent seeking immigration with your family or a student exploring academic opportunities, Canada is the best place to go. Canada offers a world-class education that has long been linked to its name; its affordable yet high-quality education system has also contributed to one of the reasons why the country is so appealing to immigrants. In fact, it’s considered to offer one of the best educational systems you can possibly find while also being accessible for all. 

Canada’s excellent education system is due to the fact that it spends an extensive budget on education compared to any other industrialized country, allowing it to be hailed as the most educated country across the globe. 

Apart from that, it also houses some of the best universities there is like McMaster University, McGill University, the University of British Columbia, and the University of Toronto — all of which are ranked among the world’s top 100 universities and institutions. 

According to data from Statistics Canada, about 54% of Canadians typically possess a post-secondary degree, with the additional 10.8% having accomplished a trades or apprenticeship certificate. Other provinces also adopt policies where tuition costs are either partially or fully paid for students in low-income families. 

  1. Access to universal healthcare

Under Canada’s healthcare system, residents are provided reasonable access to various medical services without needing to pay out-of-pocket for doctor consultations or hospital visits. In fact, the country has spent about $6 323 per person when it comes to healthcare in 2017 along. But despite spending more than what other country does, the nation’s quality of care has only increased significantly. This is all due to the different healthcare programs made available and accessible to everyone in Canada. 

Also, Canada is ranked 18th in the world in terms of life expectancy, possessing one of the highest life expectancy rates, just a little below 82 years. 

  1. Safety and Security 

Canada consistently ranks among the world’s top 10 safest nations based on indexes and polls alone. It was also slated as the 6th most peaceful country worldwide. In Canada, you’re guaranteed to feel safe because of its low rates of crime, militarization, incarceration, conflicts, and more. The nation is also known for its peaceful way of pursuing foreign diplomacy as well as its firm stance on gun control.