Hosting Winter Wonderland Parties in Nashville

When it comes to holiday parties in Nashville, we prefer to go big or go home. While there are numerous party themes from which to choose for our holiday celebrations, one fun one that we may not typically consider is throwing a winter wonderland party. Here are some ideas for throwing the best winter wonderland party, regardless of the season. While winter wonderland parties can be a lot of fun, to be successful, we must take time to plan.

Pick a Time and Place

The first step to hosting a wonderland party is to decide when to have it. Since the winter months tend to be busy with events, it is important to get our party on our guests’ calendars in advance. It is also important to know if we are going to be hosting in our homes or if we can take advantage of larger outdoor spaces near us.

Once we have decided on a date for our winter party, we should notify our neighbors so they aren’t caught off guard. We can even invite them to our big celebration. This will make our party run more smoothly because no one in our neighborhood will plan a party at the same time and discover there isn’t enough parking for everyone’s guests.

Take Advantage of Outdoor Spaces

If we have access to a large outdoor space, we should take advantage of it. We could use a pink smoke bomb or a confetti cannon to fill the air with “snow.” Finding a creative way to bring snow to our winter wonderland party is sure to be a big success with our guests.

In addition, with an outdoor space, we can play with fire. We might also choose to use wedding send off sparklers or simply create a roaring bonfire for everyone to enjoy. No matter who we are, there is something about fire that always warms our hearts.

Arrange the Music

Without great tunes, our party can be ruined. We need to take some time to consider the best songs to play that will lift everyone’s spirits and make our party a success. For a winter wonderland party, we might choose to put on some of our favorite country Christmas music, because who does not like Dolly Parton or Johnny Cash? If we are not sure what to play, we can simply create a collaborative playlist on Spotify and invite our friends to add the songs they want to hear at the party.

Have Great Party Favors

When throwing a party, it is important to have great party favors to give away. Some ideas might include:

Hot Cocoa Bombs

Hot cocoa bombs are chocolate balls that contain popular hot chocolate toppings such as marshmallows and sprinkles. Simply place the ball in a mug, add warm milk, and the ball dissolves into a rich cup of cocoa, creating a show and dessert in one.

Fire Starters Made from Pinecones

Winter party favors include pinecone fire starters. To use, gather firewood, light the pinecone, and stack the kindling on top of the starter. A wax base allows the cone to burn for up to 15 minutes, giving us plenty of time to start a fire. Outdoorsy employees will appreciate this gift, as will fans of living room fireplaces. Each pinecone fire starter can be wrapped in cellophane and tied with a ribbon.

Christmas Cacti in Bloom

A living plant can liven up any space. Christmas cacti are hardy houseplants with bright white or fuchsia flowers that bloom around the holidays. This plant requires little water and is simple to maintain.

Keep in Mind What Really Matters

When we are stressed about throwing the perfect party, we must step back and ask where does this fit into the big picture? Can I use this moment of frustration to pause and reflect? Can I find a way to make this stressful situation enjoyable? In the end, our family and friends came to our party to spend time with us and have a fun night. We do not have to stress about every little detail. While throwing a winter wonderland party can be amazing, we need to make sure we are also able to enjoy the celebration.