Four Surprising Divorce Complications

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When discussing divorce, everyone talks about the difficulties of dividing up the assets, how to arrange contact with children, and even what to do with the business. 

Though these things are definitely very complicated and very hard to work through, there are many other things that often go ignored initially that only come out later on in the process.

These things are potentially not as challenging as dividing up a house or assets or time with children, but they’re still very significant. 

Taking the time to think about these things before you come across them can be a great way to sort them out while you’re still talking, and before things get too poisonous.

The iTunes Account

Most couples do not realize the extent to which they can become intertwined with the humble iTunes account. 

Thanks to the advent of family sharing, there’s a good chance that a whole family would be sharing a single account, and all subscriptions and purchases of music and movies will be done on the family account.

It’s only once you are separated that you come to realize how much you rely on a single iTunes account and how much you would miss it if you have to start a new one. 

iTunes accounts not only give you access to previously purchased songs and video content, but they’re also what you used to back up your iPhone and store all your photos. 

How do you then go through literally thousands of photos you’ve both uploaded and decide who gets what?

Even if you’re happy for the other person to have a copy of all of them, how do you decide who has to go and create duplicates and transfer the duplicates to another location?

Given ou Apple iTunes account also manages many of our subscriptions to things like Disney Plus, who then gets to keep those subscriptions, and who has to go and create their own new ones?

All these things and more get very complicated, very quickly, when you realize how embedded dual usage of a family iTunes account can be.

Though Apple is working on a way to make this separation easier, at this point in time there is no easy fix. 

As a result, be aware of this and try and communicate about it openly and, collaboratively as early in the process as possible.

If you do end up needing to break up a shared iTunes account, this is best done with the help of a trusted family lawyer.

Dividing Up Friends

Relationship breakdowns are never easy. 

What can be harder to deal with on top of that is the fact that some of your friends may also stop dealing with you, even though you had no issues with them. 

Depending on the nature of your separation and how well you are both getting on, your friends and others in your social circle may feel like they need to choose sides in your separation and disconnect from one of you.

Unless you proactively communicate to everybody that this does not need to occur and that you all wish to remain friends with all of them, this is, unfortunately, inevitable.

Seeing The Family

If it wasn’t hard enough to lose a lot of friends that you grew close to over many years it can be even harder to then lose contact with family members of your ex-partner. Even though you and your ex-partner may not have been able to sustain your relationship, you may have still had great relationships with members of their family. 

For both parties, this could be tricky to continue if your marriage comes to an end.

In some cases, where both parties are very mature about the nature of the separation, this may not be an issue, but many people have felt this loss in a significant way.

What To Do With The Pets

When you file for divorce, most would argue that issues surrounding biological children are more important than pets, for many, pets are almost as significant. 

When two people separate, it can be very challenging to decide how to maintain contact with pets if they go and live with the other person.

When dealing with pets, it is important to understand that is not just you and your ex that you need to think about. Your pets legitimately have a connection with you in most cases as well, so if you are not allowed to see that pet, then the pet is suffering as much as you are, sometimes even more.

So when organizing how to separate the pets, please keep in mind the needs of the pets as well as the needs of the humans involved.

Final Thoughts

Even though things like asset separation and child contact take prominence in most divorce proceedings, don’t overlook the importance of many day-to-day issues. 

These day-to-day issues may not seem significant on paper, but in reality, they can have a significant difference in your life. Whether you need to argue about your shared iTunes account or how you’re going to divide up your friends and family, ensure you take the time to explore these other peripheral issues to maximize both of your happiness.