Should I Use a Virtual Office or My Home as My Registered Office Address?

Running a business from home has become very popular in the last few years. People have discovered that they can operate brands remotely and can even be more productive working from home. 

But there is one thing that a lot of business owners debate about. What is the best option for a registered office address? In particular, there is confusion on whether a virtual office is going to be better for this address rather than using your home address.

Well, we can confirm that using a virtual office can be very beneficial for a registered office address. Here are some reasons why you should consider this option.

Appear Professional

Your registered office address matters. This is what a lot of customers are going to look at before they use your business. They want to know that they can trust you and if your business appears professional and in a city that is recognised, customers are more likely to take you seriously.

This is a reason why you should consider using a virtual office. Your home address is going to be a residential street, which does not make your business appear professional. But a virtual office can be in a big city like London and you can register your office address to here even if you work from home. You can visit to find out how to register your company. Part of this process is going to be listing your address, which will be widely available o the internet to customers.

Enjoy Having Privacy

Let’s not forget that when you have a business, no matter what you are offering, your business address is going to be available online. This is going to include your own website, featured on Google and available on Companies House. This is something that you need to remember if you are going to use your home address as your registered office address. It will be freely available to view by anybody.

This is a thought that a lot of business owners do not like. They do not have privacy and there is the possibility of a customer showing up at their door. So, this is where it can be best to use a virtual office. This will be used as the address and nobody is going to know where you live unless you tell them.

Still Work from Home

It is important to note that using a virtual office as your registered office address does not mean that you have to work there. Indeed, there can be meeting rooms and spaces available where you can work. But, this is by no means an obligation. Instead, you simply use the address for your business. 

So, you can still enjoy working from home. There do not have to be any huge changes to the way your company is run. Simply, everything can stay the same but you have a more professional registered office address.

Separate Home and Work Life

One concern for a lot of people in recent years is the impact of working from home. Yes, it is fantastic that you can avoid the commute and in the case of business owners, you can operate a company without having to buy an office or lay out a lot in expenses. But, there have been concerns about mental health and burnout resulting from working in the same place you live.

Well, this is where a virtual office might be able to help you. When you use this as a registered office address, all of your mail is going to be delivered there. You do not have to receive this to your home as a constant reminder of the work you have to do. What’s more, virtual offices often have spaces you can rent out for meetings, which can allow you a break from working from home.


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