Smartphone Apps All Android Users Must Try

Photo by Rami Al-zayat on Unsplash

Multiple Applications are developed and launched yearly for the pleasure of android users. Many of these applications are available for download for free. Between a hundred thousand applications, you may find yourself lost. 

Sometimes, when we open our phones, they can feel empty. It may feel empty because you do not know what to do when you do not have anything to do. If you get bored with apps and want to add games and applications that will help enhance the functionality of your mobile phone, here are a few options you may try.


If you are looking for a Poli payments online casino Australia, search for Betting apps. Betting apps are fun for people who enjoy casino activities. To play casino games in your home, download, and register in Excitewin or other apps like this. You can play blackjack, bingo, slots, and many other games in one application.

You will get welcome bonuses and rewards that you can spend on live games in the online casino. You can connect your bank account or cryptocurrency account with the online casino application to gamble with real money and win more. 


One application that everyone is trying and has on their phones to avoid boredom is TikTok. TikTok is a social network application that allows users to make and explore short videos on its platform. You can download this application for free on your android. 

People with a creative side or hidden talent can showcase their unique personalities to the world without subscription charges. You may start earning money through the platform if you gather enough following on the app. Multiple creators on TikTok create informative, comedic, and creative content and lunch it there for free. You can reach your favorite creators without any subscription fee. 


Sitting by yourself, if you do not want the company of another person but want to challenge your brain, try Pictoword. You may be familiar with the idea of guessing a word with the help of pictorial cues. The application is a way to pass the time by putting yourself against a challenge.

You may increase your skills in problem-solving and quick thinking. These types of games are healthy for your brain. The best part is that you do not need the internet to keep playing the game. Therefore, even if you get trapped in an unwanted company without the internet, you can play this game to tap out for a bit.


Exploring social media, we all get inspired by the pictures that look perfect. You may wonder what cameras people are using to click such perfect photos. The answer is the same as yours. Most of the time, it is not the camera but the editing skills that make all the difference on social platforms.

You can also change your amateur pictures into professional photographs through Snapseed. This application is easy to use, and you can edit your portraits or your random clicks before you upload them to refine them.


If you already have multiple applications on your mobile and are looking for one that may help you stay away from your mobile, you should try Forest. This application is for people who want to concentrate on something outside their mobile.

Download Forest if you get easily distracted by your mobile and want to complete a project without any disturbance. You need to add the time you need in the application, and the app will stop your mobile activity and grow a tree on your screen for the time you need away. 


We all get hungry multiple times a day. Many may find it hard to face the question of what to eat. If you want to take your friends out for dinner or arrange an official lunch for your colleagues, you can use Yelp.

Yelp users rate all the restaurants, and with these honest ratings, you can select a restaurant that most of your friends and colleagues will like. People who treasure exploring new tastes and restaurants can use Yelp to find new spots. With this application, you may discover new restaurants with personalities and cuisine that inspire you. Start your journey of finding and eating outside without regrets with Yelp.