Chris & Morgane Stapleton, Lauren Daigle, Keith Urban, Rodney Crowell, Ronnie Dunn, Tina Parol, Vince Gill, Wiatr & Associates and More Commit to the Fifth Annual “Heal the Music Day” to Support Music Health Alliance

With the growing need for access to life-saving healthcare, mental health, and financial resources for working musicians, artists of all music genres are teaming up to support Heal the Music Day October 21, 2022 Donate at; Donations will be matched up to $25,000 October 1-21

The fifth annual “Heal The Music Day” will be October 21, 2022 and music makers across all genres are invited to join Chris & Morgan Stapleton, Lauren Daigle, Keith Urban, Rodney Crowell, Ronnie Dunn, Tina Parol, Vince Gill, Wiatr & Associates, and many more to raise awareness and funding to support Music Health Alliance (MHA). In just nine years, MHA has provided free healthcare advocacy and access to life-saving health and financial resources to more than 18,000 working music professionals nationwide and is entirely funded through individual and corporate donations and grants. Launched in 2017, Heal The Music Day is the brainchild of Grammy-winning musician Rodney Crowell who is championing this year’s campaign with MHA in an effort to raise awareness and support for the emergency and ongoing medical needs of our country’s creative community, 76% of whom are self-employed or part of a small business, many with limited and unpredictable resources, and often uninsured or under-insured for healthcare. To participate, members of the music community — including artists, songwriters, producers, publishers, publicists, promoters, business managers, record label executives, booking agents, attorneys, venues, stylists and more — can pledge a percentage of a single day earnings or event to support MHA’s life-saving services and help their fellow music makers who are in need. “In the world of the working musician, good health is something most of us take for granted – that is, until something goes wrong,” says Crowell. “The healthcare advocates at MHA ensure that no music professional must face a healthcare crisis alone. It is crucial to support MHA’s work to heal the music and the best part is that music makers don’t have to do anything that they are not already doing. Pledges can be as simple as a percent of a concert, event, creative work, or single donation made for Heal The Music Day October 21.” Through personal and compassionate healthcare advocates, Music Health Alliance’s free services range from access to doctors, specialists, diagnostic testing, hospitals, medicine, health insurance, Medicare and senior care, mental health support, dental and vision resources, end of life care, and financial assistance resources during times of illness. For every $1 donated, MHA can provide $30 in healthcare support and services. “Heal The Music Day is not only our largest fundraiser, but also an opportunity for the music industry to step up and support their fellow musicians in need. The need for our services has increased more than 65% this year over last, with mental health support growing more than 300% over the past two years. Our goal is to raise more than $300,000 this year to meet the continued increase in critical need and ensure that nobody working in the music industry will ever have to walk a health crisis alone. Heal The Music Day is a great investment into the long-term health and wellness of the music industry as a whole,” says Tatum Allsep, MHA Founder and CEO. Pledges made for Heal The Music Day will continue the impact of MHA’s services on our country’s working musicians since 2013.

  • Healthcare support for 18,000 music industry professionals served in 49 states
  • 2,380 families saved from bankruptcy due to medical bills
  • 28 music professionals assisted with life-saving heart, liver, kidney, and lung transplants
  • More than 912,000 meals, medicine, health insurance premiums, and doctor visits provided for the most vulnerable music industry professionals during Covid relief
  • $85 million in healthcare costs saved for working musicians and their families

Become a Heal The Music Day partner and make a pledge at Through an anonymous matching donor, all donations made October 1-21 will be matched up to $25,000, doubling the impact of donations by music makers and music supporters alike. As advocates, Music Health Alliance fights so those in our industry never have to feel alone in a health crisis. Thanks to the direct efforts of Music Health Alliance, members of the music community across the country have gained access to lifesaving cancer treatment, transplants, medications to treat Parkinson’s, end of life care, and many other crucial services. Its services are free to any person who has worked in the music industry for three or more years, or who has credited contributions to 4 commercially released recordings or videos. Spouses, partners, and children of qualifying individuals may also receive access to the non-profit’s services from birth to end of life.


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