What Kind Of Artwork Do You Put In A Bathroom

When modeling your bathroom, you really want it to feel like a place you can relax and express your own view on what the space should be. Bathroom art prints are a great way to add some real flair to your personal space.

Even if it is for a guest bathroom it is important to pick a style choice and a theme that makes people go wow. So, without further ado, let us find out what artwork you can put in a bathroom.

Before You Pick A Style Pick A Medium

When hanging art in any area, you need to take into account the sun, cold, and heat exposure. However, bathrooms also need to take steam into account. Avoid stretching canvases or hanging artwork in poster frames since they are unframed. Bathroom art ought to be resistant to humid and wet conditions.

Bathroom wall hangings that are professionally framed and have a sealed back will often do well because they are less likely to warp or mildew. As you might expect, ceramic and glass dishes and sculptures also make strong selections for bathroom decor.

Additionally, metal wall sculpture can be a good option. Experts in the field of art advise against acrylic or oil paintings. Many are susceptible to absorbing moisture if not sealed in glass. However, if your bathroom has good ventilation from windows or even an exhaust fan, you might be able to lower humidity levels low enough to ignore the rules.

Pick A Style You Like

There is no lack of art to be found online. It’s important to take some time to think about the vibe you want to evoke in your bathroom, regardless of whether you’ve recently finished remodeling your permanent home or all you’ve done is choose the color of the walls in your rental.

Are you trying to create a relaxing, pampering atmosphere? Or do you prefer a bath that is stylish and fun with lots of color and pattern? What about a quaint, rustic getaway with elements influenced by nature? Note what resonates with you.


Plant-based botanical prints are really popular these days. They give a calming nature feel which makes you feel at ease in your bathroom. It goes well with lighter themes and can really elevate the look of your bathroom by tying the room together.

Large Canvases

Large canvases are also a good option, such as Victorian pieces of art or very large landscape pieces. These pieces of art on a large canvas can be really well placed on a large pillar or wall that can fill up some of that blank space.


These are just some of the approaches you can take toward decorating your bathroom. Places like Wyatt9 offer many print options which you could get for your bathrooms. It’s important that you should be happy and comfortable in a place where you do your business, and bathroom art is a great way to do that.