How to Style a Coffee Table

A coffee table takes a super important place in the interior design of every living room across the country. In a busy household, it’s common to find everyday life objects scattered on the tabletop or the sofa nearby. But homeowners often consider styling a coffee table like the picture-perfect ones on social media.

How to style a coffee table, though? Is there a specific way to do it? Coffee table decor depends on a few details:

  • Elements around the coffee table, like:
    • Other furniture
    • Living room theme
  • Coffee table shape, such as:
    • Round coffee table
    • Rectangular coffee table

Let’s explore a few coffee table styling methods and how they make your living space look Pinterest-worthy.

Coffee Table Styling

Simplistic, Minimal Style Coffee Tables

Coffee table decor shouldn’t essentially be detailed, with multiple elements and decorative objects to add value. Depending on the style of your coffee table, you can do simple coffee table styling and place an object or two that compliments the table and room. Candle holders are an elegant decorative item, having multiple candles with varying heights.

Another option could be a large bowl or tray filled with some decorative objects. A stack of a few books on the tabletop might be the oldest, simplest, effective coffee table decor pick.

A few objects, but they add good value to the sitting arrangement.

Elaborate, Detailed Coffee Table Styling

In contrast to simplistic coffee table styling, a more stylish, out-front approach can also be taken with your coffee table.

If your house follows a bright color scheme in general, picking some striking decorative items for your coffee table will match the vibe around the house. An idea could be placing multiple vases of different heights on the table and adding bright, fresh flowers. Add a sculptural object to the mix maybe, or a bowl of brightly colored ornaments.

Complementing the Coffee Table

You can’t style a coffee table the same way regardless of its shape and type. For one, a glass-top coffee table stands out because of the glass itself. Play to the strengths of your table and showcase its key features.

Placing decorative ornaments under the glass top would be a better choice, rather than covering the entirety of the table with many small items or a few larger items. Four Hands Furniture Reclaimed Coffee Tables, for instance, give a rustic look. Styling it with modern decorations won’t work well with it.

Similarly, table size will also matter for coffee table styling. While a square or rectangular coffee table usually has a good amount of space for placing objects, the same won’t apply to a round coffee table. A single, tall object like a vase or a few small items like candles at the center would add sufficient value as a round table normally isn’t a larger table.

Three Sections Arrangement

Divide the table into three thirds, and place objects that contrast each other in each third—a unique, eye-catching approach.

Coffee Table Styling Made Easy

Coffee table styling should be fun and easy work for you if your setup aligns with these tips. Generally, styling comes down to personal preference and what compliments your house, so feel free to experiment.

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