Choosing A Nashville Divorce Attorney

The majority of people go into a marriage full of hope and optimism about a successful union and a long and prosperous future. However, the sad truth is that many marriages do end up in separation, and ultimately, divorce.

The average divorce rate in the states as of 2020 was around 2.3 per 1,000 people. In Tennessee and Nashville, things are a little different.

In 2020, the Tennessee divorce rate was reported as 3.2 per 1,000 residents. This was down from a much higher rate of 6.5 back in 1990. Yet, some put the divorce rate in the state as much higher.

Yahoo! Finance reports that Tennessee’s divorce rate stands as high as 19.1 people per 1,000 being divorced. At one point, Nashville was known as having the highest divorce rate in the south.

Is it important to choose a divorce attorney in your local area?

The process of a divorce is never going to be enjoyable. Even if the decision is the best one for your and your spouse, the process involved can be trying, stressful, and costly.

Using a Nashville attorney means gaining certain advantages over an out-of-city or out-of-state law firm. Nashville-based attorneys such as GSRM Law will have local connections and could save costs in certain ways.

Having a local attorney who knows the judges in the area means they have an advantage over any out-of-state law firm. They will not have to add travel costs to your bills, and they can be available when any legal matter needs immediate attention.

How do you choose a local divorce attorney?

Nashville is the home of country music, and some country singers may get you through a divorce. However, a good attorney is far more vital to help the legal process to be less painful.

Choosing the right or wrong divorce attorney could mean the difference between you losing your marital home, or receiving a fair settlement. They can also take part in mediation, and assist in serious matters such as child custody.

Therefore, you must take the time to select a suitable attorney. To do so you will need to do some research, and perhaps have some discussions with family and close friends.

Consider the following:

  • Budget
  • Specialist areas of the law firm
  • Resources at the law firm
  • How long they have been operating
  • Their approach

The budget

Your budget should be a factor as getting divorced is a costly time. Adding financial worries on top of the stress of divorce is not desirable and could cloud the judgment needed to make the best decisions.

Their specialist areas

Are they divorce specialists, or do they concentrate on other areas? Remember, you are looking for a divorce attorney, not one who specializes in commercial law.

Experience and resources

These are two other areas to evaluate when selecting a divorce attorney in Nashville. How long has the firm been around, and is your attorney experienced in handling divorces? Also, how many clients does your attorney have, and can he or she devote the appropriate time and give focus on your divorce?

How can you tell your divorce attorney is right for you?

This will come down to the last item on the above list for many; their approach. Ideally, every divorce would be amicable, and the separated couple would part on the best possible terms under the situation. However, this doesn’t always happen.

You should look for an attorney who understands how you want to handle the divorce. Do you want a gung-ho attorney who is trying to get the biggest settlement, or do you want someone who is geared toward a more amicable resolution?

If the attorney is pushing for a high-conflict divorce when you are trying for mediation, then they aren’t the right attorney for you. However, if your spouse is refusing to cede anything toward the settlement, you may need a more aggressive lawyer.

Things to be wary of when choosing a divorce attorney

When you choose a divorce attorney, you need one that is honest and available. Be wary of any lawyer who is making big claims and promising too much. Ask about their track record in litigation also.

Be aware of the attorney’s hourly rate and the total costs involved. The Ascent from Motley Fool reports that the average cost of a divorce is $12,500. It may be that you only need to hire a single attorney rather than a team of expensive lawyers.

When you first see your prospective attorney, gauge how focused they seem on you. Once you have hired an attorney, you need them to be available and accessible.


It seems that Tennessee and Nashville have an unwanted reputation for high divorce rates. Fortunately, that seems to be dropping.

Nevertheless, many marriages do end in divorce, and while many couples move to Nashville without any trouble, they find their union disintegrating later on.

Choosing the right divorce attorney can at least help the process go smoothly. In many cases, mediation and out-of-court settlements are possible with a good attorney.