A Guide for Moving to Nashville

It’s no secret how many people are moving to Nashville. Every single day there is a new crop of people relocating to Music City. Not everyone is excited about the newcomers, otherwise known as carpetbaggers, but with Southern hospitality, it’s difficult not to welcome people looking for a better life in a great place like Nashville. If you’re already moving to Tennessee, you might as well do it the right way. It is a big city with a small-town mindset and perspective. It is Southern but eclectic. Below is your guide to moving to Nashville.

Why Nashville?

When you announce that you are moving to Nashville, your friends and family might ask why. This is a strange question because there are so many reasons to move to Nashville. First, it is known for being one of the live music capitals of the United States. If you are a musician trying to play frequently and get paid to do it, the capital of Tennessee is the spot that could provide this. Are you a chef or a business owner looking to own a restaurant? Nashville has a bustling food and drinking scene. There are also tech companies moving in. Music City isn’t just good for music, it is good for so many things. Anyone who lives in Nashville won’t be surprised you’re moving there.

Will You Buy or Rent?

Depending on where you live now and how much money you make, you’ll need to decide whether you are buying or renting property. Moving out to Tennessee is an opportunity to buy some land and a house that you’ve always dreamt of. Look just outside of Nashville and the prices will go down. A real estate agent who knows the area can help you find the best property for your situation and a Tennessee mortgage lender can help you determine the best way to make this big purchase. If you plan on living in Nashville for a long time, buying property is probably the way to go.

What Neighborhood is Right for You?

If you’re not interested in living outside of the city and want to be around the energy of Nashville, you will need to decide where you will live. There are plenty of neighborhoods where you’re able to find the right area for your situation. The Gulch is a high-end area whereas downtown you’ll be in the center of honky-tonk tourism. Hillsboro Village is an urban neighborhood where walking is encouraged. It is also next to the universities if you are going to school or have a child who wants to attend Vanderbilt or Belmont. When you are moving to the city and plan on staying, you should make sure to do your research about the right neighborhood.

What is the Culture Like?

People who live in Nashville are a fun-loving group of people from around Tennessee and the rest of the country. Some say that people from elsewhere are more prominent than natives, but it remains a city with a Southern spirit. Nashville is known for a few things, but they just scrape the surface. 

For example, hot chicken is the food this city is known for, but it has plenty of good restaurants outside of this. High-end or low-end, Nashville has all kinds of food. It is also known for country music, but it has just about every genre you can imagine. There’s a reason it’s called Music City and not “Country Music City.” Furthermore, Nashville values education and is home to respected schools and universities. The culture of Nashville is established, but it continues to change and evolve over time.

Let’s face it, we all know why people want to move to Nashville. The people are incredible. The food is amazing. The music is constant. The nightlife is wild and fun. Here you can work a respectable job during the week and let loose on the weekends. One of the reasons some people aren’t excited about Nashville is because they don’t want it to change. They want it to remain the awesome, beautiful city that it is. So, if you decide to relocate to Nashville remember that you are a visitor and do your best to support the culture and people of Nashville. If you do, Music City will welcome you with open arms.