Is Vampire Diaries Worth The Cult Following

Began as a tale of two brothers; this is one of those shows which certainly took us through a wild roller coaster ride.

– Stories!

– Time jumps!

– Character developments!

– Medieval blending into the modern! &

To top it all-

The age-old supernatural creatures. From vampires to werewolves to hybrids, doppelgangers, and even sirens. This show left no stones unturned. This is one of the reasons why we all loved watching the show once upon a time. We didn’t know from where we were going to get the next best shock.

The all-cast ensemble of Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Weasley, Candice Nicole Kind, Kat Graham, and many such industry-known names gave one of their best performances in this show.

It is only when we compare this show with its recent spin-off, ‘Legacies,’ that it makes sense why it was canceled. They couldn’t do justice to the greatness that Vampire Diaries projected.

But was it greatness?

What exactly did Vampires Diaries have that gave it such a cult following. If you are yet to watch the show, download it for free from thepirateproxybay.

A Compelling Storyline Blended With The Characters

Many believe that the reason its last spin-off failed is that it was unable to give a compelling storyline to each character. Yes, it brought about the concept of ‘Monster Of The Week’ perfectly, and it was interesting in the beginning.

But, as the season progressed, we did want to see something more than the monsters and the great all, mighty Hope Mikaelson. There were other characters in the show as well, which the creators failed to highlight equally.

This is what the Vampires Diaries did so perfectly. It was able to give them a storyline with each and every character.

Every season had a new plot for sure. But, with every season, we saw the entry of a new character which kept the storyline intact and the audience at the edge of their seats.

Whether we are talking about the notorious big brother Damon Salvatore in the first season.

The sexy survivor Katherine Pierce in the second season, or-

The undeniable hot and dramatic gang of Originals in the third and fourth season. The Originals were such a sensation that it even inspired the creators to create a brand new spin-off show just for them.

The diabolical and handsome witch Kai Parker.

Or the notorious siren Sybil in the 8th and final season.

All the while, they are all tied up to the storyline of the protagonists, which consist of Elena Gilbert and the two brothers. It was all tied together like one big masterpiece, and that is what Legacies failed to do.

At one point, it became all about the Monsters.

The Discoveries & Back Stories

One more reason why Vampire Diaries got such a cult following is that it introduced the idea of supernatural dwellings in the small town of Mystic Falls, West Virginia. Once the vampires were discovered, it was like a flood.

But, why we love this kind of plotline is because there is always a backstory. An episode that shows the past. The period aesthetic and costumes just added more color to the masterpiece.

Plus, it was interesting to see how each character discovered or got turned into having supernatural powers. How suddenly their simple normal high school lives turned into something cosmic.

Each episode had something new to show; it was like each episode was a deep dive into one of our favorite characters.

It Had Flaws Too

Hat being said, this show was not flawless. Many had complained about certain logicality.

– The abundant access to vervain.

– No one understood how the immortal cure was even helpful when ultimately it would just cause death with a lightning speed old age (vampires can die anyway! What was the need of being a human?)

– The utterly unstable protagonist of the century of television. Elena Gilbert is the ultimate damsel in distress.

– Vampire bites don’t always kill when anatomically; such a lethal puncture in your artery should cause more than just blood loss. It should cause death! Before our fang buddy even had the time to cure.

However, these are simple flaws, and most importantly, the show was for entertainment purposes. These flaws didn’t make the show boring, and neither did we lose interest.

We were invested in the characters!

Laughed with them!

Cried with them!

Fought enough social media comment sections for them; that is what made the show such a masterpiece.

Hence the cult following!