Guide to the Kansas sports betting scene

It’s not as simple as you may think to wager on sports in Kansas. As with many others, they were on the verge of opening their doors to wagering within the state but were forced to postpone that goal until 2022 due to the COVID.

Meanwhile, any offshore sportsbook that accepts Kansas residents as players can legally accept your wagers on the internet. You can find everything you need to know about Kansas sports betting in this comprehensive guide, including where you can do it legally and safely.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Kansas?

As of April 2022, sports betting on horses, football, and college sports will be illegal in Kansas, making an impact on horse lovers and those who enjoy this pastime. Legislation, on the other hand, is making progress and may become a reality as early as April 2022 if the right conditions are met.

A number of times, Kansas’ legalize sports betting has been halted. As of February 2020, four state-owned casinos in Kansas were permitted to offer online sports betting services under a measure enacted by the state Senate.

Although nothing has been signed into legislation at the time of writing, internal bickering and delays caused by COVID are to blame. Fortunately, progress is being made, and futures markets may still exist as early as 2022.

In 2020, two years after the repeal of PASPA, sports wagering became a hot topic in Kansas. In May of 2022, a measure was delivered to the Governor’s desk and is now pending approval. In light of the recent Senate passage of SB84, the state needs this signature in order to move forward with sports betting.

Many questions remain about how the bill will be put into effect; however, as soon as the governor approves it, those issues will be resolved. At least twelve licenses will be awarded, but it is not yet clear which companies will get the licenses. Many state legislators and residents still believe that legalized sports betting will someday come to Kansas. Many state legislators and residents still believe that legalized sports betting will someday come to Kansas. Nowadays there are many informative guides showing you how to start betting on sports in Kansas 2022 that may help guarantee a positive and reliable experience whilst sports betting. However, lawsuits and an outbreak of the global pandemic have delayed efforts in the Sunflower State, which had hoped to be a pioneer in betting legislation

Kansas State Lottery

All gambling in Kansas is regulated by the Kansas State Lottery, which also offers draw games. Powerball and other multi-state lotteries have made the Kansas Lottery one of the most popular gaming destinations in the country. When a Kansas internet sports betting bill is signed into law, retail sales will no longer be limited to brick-and-mortar establishments.

Kansas Sports Betting Revenue and Taxes

The tax rate on legal sports betting is yet to be determined. It has been proposed in all of the 2020 and 2021 bills that the retail and online sports betting markets should be separated by tiers. For example, SB 283 suggested a 7.5 percent tax rate for retail sportsbooks and a 10 percent tax rate for online bookmakers. H 2671, on the other hand, recommended retail rates of 14% and 20% for online sportsbooks.

Taxable Winnings

In Kansas, winnings from gambling are subject to state and local taxes. As soon as online sports betting becomes legal, these rates could change. To be sure, you’ll owe 25% of your winnings in federal and 5% of your losses in state taxes if the rules for sports betting are consistent with present gambling laws.

Cities in Kansas with the most sports betting

Sport is a significant part of the culture in Kansas, but there are a few regions where it really shines. As a result, the following cities are anticipated to have the highest activity:

  • Kansas City
  • Wichita
  • Lawrence
  • Shawnee

Live Betting and Streaming

The term “live betting” refers to placing a wager on an event while it is taking place. Kansas’s top-rated sportsbooks will have not only live betting odds, but in-game analytics and streaming as well. Live bets can help players save up money without making more, you can do that with tools like early cashouts. 

How to Compare sportsbooks

Reading our reviews is the greatest way to learn about Kansas online sports betting options. Each platform is put through its paces by our experts, who provide unbiased feedback on where they excel and where they may stand to improve.

Additionally, we strongly recommend that you test out each platform. There is absolutely no substitute for firsthand knowledge. Consequently, reading our Kansas sports betting guide, perusing our site reviews, and signing up for some sportsbooks are your best options.

Current Gambling Laws and Bills

There are no restrictions on casino gambling in the state of Kansas. In addition to the Golden Eagle Casino, there are four more tribal casinos. Four commercial casinos can be found in Kansas. Following a change in the law in 2007, these locations were permitted to operate under the auspices of the state lottery.

As a result, the four casinos are all owned by the government. The Kansas Lottery will have a stake in the regulated sports betting market as a result of this decision. Every bill attempting to legalize online sports betting in the state of Kansas has included the selling of lottery tickets as a key subject of discussion.