A weekend alone with yourself

by holdosi (Author), Pixabay Licence (Licence)

Nashville is alive and kicking. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy yourself outside of your own four walls, usually together with friends and acquaintances. Concerts and events are booming again, and people are in the mood to go out. For some, it gets to be too much in between, they would rather retreat and take a break. This is also possible, and in a very pleasant way. 

The time out should be well planned

Just cancel all your appointments for next weekend and tell your friends that you’re taking some time off. However, don’t just lock yourself up at home, but plan your time very well. Otherwise, you’ll end up bored or even doing household chores, even though you finally want to relax. It is recommended to plan your meals beforehand and possibly prepare them in advance to have as little work as possible. You may want to order the delivery service at lunchtime, for example, with delicious Asian food or original Italian pizza.

Thanks to the Internet, you don’t have to worry so much about pleasure. Fortunately, it is no longer necessary to go to the video store in time to rent one or two nice movies. With the latest streaming services, things are much more flexible and spontaneous. Still, think carefully about what you want to watch and play, so you don’t waste time with incidentals. The entertainment should really grab you, such as a movie from your youth that you always wanted to see again.

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Plan for excitement as well as relaxation

This exciting activity will provide you with the adrenaline you need for your special weekend. Of course, a new video game can do a similar thing for you that you treat yourself to for the occasion. The important thing is that the entertainment hits your nerve just right, so that you feel good all around. This also applies to the relaxing moments that don’t get you revved up. Make sure you’re balanced, treat yourself to a warm bubble bath with fragrant additives, and then snuggle up in your bathrobe to daydream afterwards.

If you like wellness, you can schedule other treatments that are good for your mind, body and soul. Use your favorite beauty products extensively, dim the lights, light scented candles and play relaxing music. Maybe you want to do yoga exercises or meditate, it’s all up to you. Surround yourself with beautiful things, drink fragrant tea and put yourself in the center of your own attention. This is rarely enough the case.

Photo by congerdesign (Author), Pixabay Licence (Licence)

Live out your creative streak

Maybe you want to express yourself creatively, for example with painting, drawing, composing or writing. Such a weekend alone is ideal for this, there are no outside distractions, no one to disturb you, and you have also freed yourself from time pressure. It’s just the right time to listen inwardly and pay attention to what wants to come out. Is there a story waiting in your soul that wants to be born? Or a melody that absolutely has to come out? 

Maybe you don’t have an idea ready yet, that’s not bad at all. Put down a canvas, take the brush in your hand and let off steam without thinking about it. The best works come directly from the heart. You may choose an art form that you have never tried before. This can be your introduction to a new, liberating hobby that will see you through the years to come. Just look at how it makes you feel, not the outcome. You should keep what you feel good about, and you can always tweak the aesthetics if you want.

Your weekend should be “yours” alone. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do and enjoy it to the fullest.