Country Music and Video Games

Country music probably doesn’t come to mind when you think of video games. However, a surprising number of video game soundtracks feature music from the genre. Country music tells a story that often intertwines perfectly with what’s happening in a video game, making it a natural choice for some of the most popular video game titles.

In fact, video games are how many gamers first learn about country music, with some even becoming avid country music fans after spending hours listening to the music while playing their favorite games. Whether it’s a Randy Travis or Hank Williams track, country music has helped set the scene in many games. Keep reading to learn more about country music and video games.

Casino Games

Country music and casino games seem to be made for each other. Fans of country music know that some of the best songs have a casino theme. While you may not encounter many online games with a country music soundtrack, you can always create your own playlist to listen to as you play your favorite games. There are many websites where you can play games online, including Chumba Casino. At this social casino, you can play everything from slots online to table games. With over 80 games to choose from, there’s something for just about everyone.

The Last of Us

This apocalyptic video game features cinematic graphics, a gripping story, and Hank Williams’ song “I’ll Never Get Out of this World Alive.” Over 17 million copies of the video game have been sold, and it’s won numerous accolades, including Game of the Year awards from some of the top gaming publications. And, as a result of Williams’ song inclusion, The Last of US has also introduced many gamers to country music. 

The game follows hardened survivors as they try to survive the end of the world. The music accompanies them as they do what it takes to survive. After listening to Hank Williams’ song, one of the characters even discovers her love for country music. 

Red Dead Redemption II

Red Dead Redemption is an impressive gaming achievement with one of the best stories in modern gaming. The game transports players to the wild west, where they embark on a journey featuring country music. During one of the most memorable scenes from Rockstar’s 2010 game, indie-folk singer José González’s soft vocals singing the song “Far Away” are heard as the game’s protagonist rides into Mexico. Since it’s a western-themed video game, you unsurprisingly hear country music throughout the game. 

Fall Out 76

If you’ve played any games in the Fall Out series, you know the post-apocalyptic radio stations are known for the music they play. Fall Out 76 takes place in West Virginia and integrates the state’s lore into the gameplay, including urban legends such as the Beast of Grafton and Mothman. So, it’s not surprising that John Denver’s hit dedicated to the state, “Country Roads,” became the unofficial theme song for the game and was prominently featured in the game’s launch trailer. 

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Although The Legend of Zelda isn’t a western-themed game series, there is a part of Ocarina of Time that features a Mexican mariachi with a flamenco guitar, trumpets, and a percussion beat. Although the Nintendo 64’s sound couldn’t produce the best sound, you can find better versions on YouTube that make the song shine.

Far Cry 5

This Ubisoft game transports players to Montana, where a cult has overrun the state. As the new deputy in town, it’s your job to bring down the cult. The survivalist game is an immersive experience with unique music, including the cult’s hymns, echo throughout the game. When an area has been deemed safe from the cult, country music plays to calm the inhabitants.