5 Creative And Reliable Ways To Make Your Own Music Videos

Music videos can be expensive and challenging to make. It is sometimes not possible, logistically speaking, to hire a director, producer, or actor to produce one’s music video. That’s where the DIY (do it yourself) approach comes into play. Although it may seem like an arduous task to come up with a great idea on your own for a music video, the result is worth it. 

With all of the different options available for creating your video from home and using only affordable gear at hand, you’ll be able to create your unique music videos on a music video maker without breaking the bank or having an unnecessary struggle. Music videos can be as creative and helmed by a professional as they can be. With the many ways in which one can shoot and edit their music video, there is no longer any excuse for not creating your music video for oneself and friends. 

This article aims to expose you to the most affordable, easy-to-use equipment for making your music videos without first having to acquire expensive gear. Our mission is to provide all creative ideas so that you won’t have any more trouble coming up with ideas on your own. With these ideas, you’ll be able to make a great music video for a song in little time and with less money than you think.

  1. To use your smartphone for filming a video for a song:

If you do not want to buy expensive, heavy equipment like the Go-Pro or DSLR cameras, you can use your smartphone to shoot professional-quality videos. Amateur filmmakers have used their smartphones to film music videos with some practice and creativity. The most popular way is to shoot with the front-facing camera, which most people have on their phones anyway. Once you have shot your video, it’s best to edit it before uploading it to YouTube or any other platform. It’s much easier to edit the video on your phone, so get a good music video maker and learn how to use it.

  1. Use a tripod for filming a video for a song:

A tripod is one of the most common equipment that any videographer or filmmaker would use. It allows you to set the camera in one place to move around the room, or yourself, without the camera becoming shaky and blurred. This helps create much more professional-looking videos than if you were just holding it with your hand or setting it down on a table or something. The best use of tripods is when there are scenes with actors. While the camera position will still be at a fixed angle, you can use a tripod to add the right angles of your actors’ faces or positions.

  1. Use video filters for filming a video for a song:

Filters are great for music videos because they change how the music video is shot and help change any other areas of the raw footage. Filters are made up of different effects that can alter colours, facial expressions, and moods. There are so many different filters in a music video maker that you can use in your music videos, depending on what you want to do with them. A popular choice is to distort colors or bring certain colors into focus. For example, the yellow filter will bring out the yellows and make the rest of the video a little bluer. It won’t necessarily look like it is sunset, but it will help add a feeling of a certain time of day or environment.

  1. Use a Steadicam to film a video for a song:

Steadicams are used by professional filmmakers and by amateurs as well. These devices consist of an arm resembling a crane with mirrors. They can be attached to an actor or a tripod as much as possible. The Steadicam allows the cameraman to be more mobile in the surrounding area so that he can move around quickly, get shots that are not blocked by actors, or shoot from different angles that aren’t possible with just holding the camera. The Steadicam allows the director full control over his shot and will enable him to get creative shots that are not possible otherwise.

  1. Use a drone for filming a video for a song:

Drones are best known for their use in the military. However, with some filters, drones can be used for making music videos. The fact that there is no operator involved in this makes it easier to make music videos since there are no distractions from real-life obstacles and injuries. In addition to this, there is no more worry about what things might look like from above since these drones can fly in any direction and at any speed with only the device’s programming dictating what it does next. Drones are relatively affordable and can be found on the market for around $200-$300.

Our end goal is to provide you with more creative and easy-to-use ideas than what you have now so that you can get your videos done in no time. Many people do it the hard way, spending hundreds of dollars on expensive gear before shooting a video. We hope that this article has given you a couple of new ideas for future music videos and that you will now save money by not buying expensive gear first. With these creative and reliable ways to make your music videos, there is no need to hesitate about what to make for your next video.


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