Which Is Better, Sugar Waxing Or Regular Waxing?

When it comes to hair removal, the two most popular options available are sugar waxing and regular waxing. Both these methods remove hair from the roots, and you can go hairless for almost two to three weeks. 

However, before you choose any mode of hair removal, you have to understand your skin type. This post talks all about sugaring and regular waxing, to help you choose the best method for your skin type. 

What is sugar waxing?

If you have highly sensitive skin that often gets irritated and develops ingrown hairs after regular shaving, sugar waxing hair removal will be the better choice. Sugaring is a natural hair removal method where the waxing paste is applied to the skin at normal body temperature, which minimizes the cause of burns and reduces pain to a greater extent. Sugar waxing is considered hypoallergenic as the paste is a mixture of three natural ingredients- lemon, water, and sugar. Lemon acts as a great exfoliating agent and effectively sheds dead skin cells, while sugar and water keep your skin hydrated and leave it smooth and plump after the session. 

What is regular waxing?

Form Brazilian to full body waxing; waxing is a go-to temporary hair removal method. Not every wax is the same, and there are hard wax and soft wax. The primary difference between them is that soft wax needs a strip to remove hair while hard wax doesn’t. Hard wax is highly suggested for those with irritable skin as it is more sensitive and minimizes irritation. Soft wax is preferred more for facial hair removals like the eyebrows and upper lips. 

Sugar waxing vs. regular waxing– which is better?

  • Effectiveness 

Both sugaring and regular waxing remove hair from its roots. With regular waxing, your hair growth rate and thickness reduce considerably, and over time, the regrowth time is prolonged. Therefore, both these waxing methods are equally effective and provide lasting results. 

  • Pain 

Anything that pulls hair is painful, but you can reduce the pain considerably with professional care and the proper procedures. With regular waxing, your skin gets adapted to the procedure and eventually becomes painless. Hair removal experts say that the best time to remove body hair is five days after your period as the hormone level is observed to be less, reducing the pain. 

  • Side effects 

Sugar waxing hair removal includes 100% natural ingredients that don’t irritate skin or cause post-waxing side effects. However, a temporary redness appears after the session, which disappears in a few hours. While regular waxing may not be suitable for every skin type, the probability of causing irritation is high. 

  • Price 

Because of its known benefits, Sugar waxing is a little bit pricey compared to regular waxing. However, the rates could vary with the place and the years of experience of the professional. 

When it comes to choosing between sugar or regular waxing session, your ultimate aim must be to have silky smooth skin with zero irritation. Know your skin type and choose according to your budget.