United States is home to the most star-studded cities in the world

The United States likes to think of itself as the greatest country in the world, but does the reality truly match up to the self-aggrandizing hype?

You would be hard pushed to argue against this when it comes to ‘star quality’, particularly if recent research by Betway Insider is to be believed.

The study assessed 100 of the top stars from ten different categories to discover which hometown makes the most successful people.

The categories under the spotlight were Oscars, Nobel Prize, Olympics, most-streamed artists, the Palme d’Or, football managers, footballers, artists, Michelin star chefs and highest-paid executives.

The data revealed that four US cities featured in the top 10 list of where the world’s most recognizable stars were born.

New York blew away the global competition in the star cities stakes, with a total of 48 recognized stars being born in the city that never sleeps.

The tally featured 14 New York-born Oscar winners, including legendary actress Shirley Booth for her portrayal of Lola Delaney in the 1952 classic Come Back, Little Sheba.

Despite being home to Hollywood, Los Angeles surprisingly missed out on the top five behind New York, London, Paris, Philadelphia and Budapest.

Buenos Aries, Chicago and Tokyo were next in the star cities standings, with four cities tying for the tenth position including Amsterdam and Rome.

The music industry also proved to be a hotbed for major US stars, although the study’s focus on Spotify streams meant Nashville was somewhat overlooked.

Out of the top 100 most streamed Spotify artists of all time, 60 of them hail from the United States, highlighting the country’s massive influence on the music scene.

New York led the way with eight of the city’s natives appearing in the list including Cardi B, Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga and Romeo Santos.

London weighed in with five music stars in the most-streamed Spotify artists, while Atlanta, Medellin and San Juan completed the top five.

Paris, Toronto, Houston, Los Angeles and Philadelphia made up the rest of the 10, further highlighting how much the US dominates music.

While the US has plenty to crow about when it comes to major stars, three European cities produced solid numbers in Betway’s study.

London’s tally of 31 stars featured 11 Academy Award winners including Greer Garson, Elizabeth Taylor, Emma Thompson and Maggie Smith.

England’s capital city has also birthed five famous artists, putting it level with New York and just one behind Paris in France.

The French capital has produced 23 star names, including an impressive eight Palme d’Or winners – the award that many film buffs believe blows the Oscars out of the water.

Rome’s return of seven stars is dwarfed somewhat by some of its European counterparts, but the city can be proud of the diversity of talent it produces.

Their solid tally is comprised of two Oscar-winning actors, two Palme d’Or winning directors, two title-winning football managers and one Olympic gold medal winner.