The Most Watched Country Music Videos Of All Time

Whether it’s about soothing your soul or making you feel happy – Country music has almost every component to keep your heart alive. However, unfortunately, due to the rise of the pop music genre in the 2000s, the popularity of this segment dropped a little. 

However, thanks to YouTube, and a bunch of talented artists, Country music is on the rise again. Hence, in this article, we’ll sing an ode to this genre and tell you about the most-watched songs of all time. So, let’s begin. 

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Country Music – A Brief Introduction

The genre of country music was first formed in the southern part of the USA and comprised a folk-stylized tone. The composition of these songs tends to be pretty simple yet powerful. 

Usually, a country song follows a stringed instrument, like a guitar, and repeated chorus lines. The lyrics of the same are a bit narrative, describing the beauty of nature or the homeland of the singer. 

5 Most Watched Country Songs Of All Time 

Since 2005, the influence of country music has been pretty huge. The view count of the same has also increased, according to Vevo. Here’s their top 5 list of all-time. 

Chris Stapleton – Tennessee Whiskey (308 Million Views)

Chris Stapleton has been quite a staple in the Country music genre, and his soulful track, Tennessee Whiskey, is definitely one to watch. 

It tells the story of the Tennessee state and how beautiful the feeling of love is. Aside from the lyrics, the melody of the song seemed to be oddly satisfying as well. 

Kane Brown – Heaven (278 Million Views) 

Unlike another of his bangers, “What Ifs,” Kane Brown follows a much simpler concept with his song, Heaven. Following a mid-tempo tune, this song is all about cherishing the time he has spent with his loved one. 

The song has been composed with minimal usage of instruments. However, thanks to the melodic voice of Kane Brown, it feels pretty nice, especially when listening to it alone.

Brett Young – In Case You Didn’t Know (244 Million Views)

In Case You Didn’t Know” was the breakthrough hit of Brett Young, and he didn’t have to look back again. The love ballad composed by him is pretty powerful, both when it comes to the tone and lyrics of the track.

Like the previous one, this song, too, is somewhat low on instrument usage. However, the melody? It’s gorgeous, from the beginning till the end. 

Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me (232 Million Views)

When watching it for the first time, the music video for “You Belong With Me” might seem a little melodramatic at first. However, once you go through it again, you will find meaning or two in whatever that’s happening there. 

It’s Taylor Swift’s first larger-than-life moment in her career, and it’s pretty enjoyable at best. The video is visually-decent as well.

Florida Georgia Line – H.O.L.Y. (228 Million Views) 

The final one on our list is H.O.L.Y. from the country duo Florida Georgia Line, and, yes, it’s another love song. The music video features both the singers and their wives, to who they have dedicated the song, obviously. 

In our opinion, the essence of the video is much more interesting than the song, which is relatively standard. However, you will still like it; we’re sure of that. 

Final Say

So, we have come to the end of our list. As we promised before, we have composed the same with five songs that should be on top of your listening list. 

Do you want to add anything else to the list? Or are you happy about it anyway? Don’t forget to let us know all about it in the comment section below.