Important Guidelines For Hosting A Home Based Summer Party

One of the most enjoyable things to do is have a party, especially a summer house party. The great weather is fantastic for relaxing with your friends and having as much fun as you can. However, if you don’t properly plan your house party, things can get quite messy. So, we will now dive into 10 tips that will help you to hold a fantastic summer party that everyone will enjoy. 

Inform your neighbors

Once you’ve decided on a date for your summer party, make sure and let your neighbors know so it isn’t a shock to them. When you give them a heads up, this will give them the time to prepare for your party. You can even invite them to your party!

Only V.I.P

Consider the people that you want to invite and the number of people that your home can actually hold. There is a good chance that not all the people you invite will actually come. However, if you end up inviting more people than your house can accommodate, then this can cause your party to get out of control. It is best to make your party more exclusive and use Facebook event pages to send party invites. You should also let your guests know how many other persons they can bring with them. 

Organize the music

If you don’t have a fantastic music playlist ready for your party, this can truly ruin it. Even though most people probably enjoy Adele, it is certainly not good party music. So, take some time to think about the best songs to play that will boost everyone’s mood and make your party a hit. If you’re unsure about what to play, simply use Spotify to create a collaborative playlist and allow your friends to add the songs that they want to hear at the party. 

Turn up the music

After you’ve organized your playlist, the next thing that you need to do is ensure that everyone can hear the music. If your music is too soft or distorted, this will negatively impact your party. So, make sure that you get a good sound system that your guests can enjoy. 

Put away any valuables

Since you’ll be inviting lots of people into your home, it is very important that you secure your valuables. It may be best to place all your valuables into a single room that you can lock and ensure everyone know that it is off limits. This will ensure that you can enjoy the party without having to worry about your valuables.


In the days before the party, avoid placing too many food or drink items in your fridge and freezer that are not for the party. This is important storage space that you’ll definitely need. Make sure and stock up on beer for your party as well as lots of ice since no one likes a hot beer. If you don’t have enough fridge space, consider getting a couple of buckets that you can use to fill ice in and place drinks in them for your guests. 


People will notice if you put some effort into decorating your home for the party. You can use different decorations such as fairy lights, wall decor, balloons, photo booth props and more. Among trendy decoration ideas are customized inflatables that can be of your desired shape and design. They can be characters, animals, emojis, or whatever you want to decorate your summer party.  Today’s manufacturers let us realize even the craziest idea and designs of inflatables. Get creative and think of some cool designs to make your party a unique one. These can make the atmosphere a lot more festive and you should get as creative as you can, see here for plenty of ideas. 

Purchase lots of bin bags

Even though this isn’t exciting, it is very important that you have lots of bin bags. This will help you to clean up the next day when you’re likely exhausted or hungover. You should ask your guests to clean up before they leave or you can simply tidy up throughout the night so that it doesn’t get too bad. 

Use the kitchen

In a house party, people will gather in different parts of the house. However, you should use your kitchen as the bar since it will greatly help with organization. Make sure that your kitchen has lots of plastic cups, plates, bottle openers, napkins and other things that your guests will need. Since you’re hosting, you should have lots of drinks, however, you can also ask your guests to also bring more. 

Use the garden

If your home has a garden and the weather is good, consider using it for your party. Simply get some fairy lights or other night lights to decorate it for your party. This is a great way to get extra room to accommodate even more guests.