Craig Campbell is releasing his own beer

When neo-traditional hit maker Craig Campbell posted an acoustic performance video of his popular “All My Friends Drink Beer” single on Instagram, he had no idea it would lead to his own signature brew. That’s exactly what happened with Clearwater, Florida-based Big Storm Brewing, who happened to see the post and comment, “but do all of your friends drink Big Storm beer?” Craig’s reply led to a meeting which is now leading to his C.C. Cold Beer, a smooth pilsner any beer drinker would love.

“This is such a crazy story,” said Craig. “I posted the video, Big Storm responded, I happened to be performing in the area on an upcoming weekend, and they invited me to tour the brewery. Their products are top-notch, their marketing is fun, and from (owners) LJ and Shannon on down they’re just great people who I’m proud to be in business with.”

C.C. Cold Beer will be available in many locations around central Florida beginning April 30 as well as on tap at the grand opening of Craig’s new Grindstone Cowboy Coffee Shop, also April 30, in Eagleville, Tennessee. Cases of C.C. Cold Beer will also be available at the coffee shop, and a variety of clubs, restaurants and bars across the country will be carrying the brew in the coming weeks.

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