What are the signs that make a company progressive? A guide for the business owners:

Keep in mind that 40 years from now, you wouldn’t be in the same health and condition. So, as a result, you can work all your life. However, it would help to plan something now that would pay you off even after 40 years. For instance, if you are running a business, try to turn it into an organization that BOD handles. But if you have this purpose, you will have to act in a certain way. Nowadays the HR department plays a crucial role in making or breaking any company. In simple words, the organizational culture is the real game-changer. But on early stage, you need to understand: 

What is organizational culture?

“You should know that from recruitment to firing and hitting targets, organizational culture plays a crucial role.”

In easy words, an organization’s culture represents the working environment of that specific place. Certain pillars determine and define the workplace culture. According to the review of the hardware school, culture is great if it’s aligned with the vision, purpose, and organizational goals. But it’s entirely the owners’ responsibility to define and implement a culture in the organization. For instance, the owner should keep a check and ongoing evaluation of the workplace practices. But as a leader, the golden rule is to keep the hopes high and aim big. The little steps will take you towards your ultimate goals. 

Types of workplace culture: 

As a business owner, you should know about different types of workplace culture that you can implement in the organization. 

  • Clan culture: Most of the time, it is followed by small businesses. However, in this setting, people work in a close environment and emphasize building relationships and interpersonal communication. This setting aims to live like one big happy family. 
  • Progressive/Adhocracy culture: is run by the status quo, but they are always ready to take risks. But in this workplace culture, people are confident, competent, and learn from mistakes. As a result, decision-makers quickly change the policy and adopt a new one. Tech companies are a prime example as they are visionary and dynamic. 
  • Market culture: The most aggressive type according to the deadlines, targets, and results. However, in this system, the higher authorities closely monitor the employees. 
  • Hierarchy culture is the most common type where everyone has a place. However, in this system, we have leaders at the top, followed by an established chain of command. We can see an example of this workplace culture in a corporate setting. 

The first step is to identify your vision and goals and then develop a culture. But the best culture is one where employees are happy, creative, progressive, and productive. 

What are the signs that show a company is progressive? Tips for the owners:

As a business owner, you are the head of the boat, responsible for everything. For instance, if an organization needs to decide whether they will use a paystub generator or not, then you are the one who has decision-making power. Thus, if you want more productivity, then keep your employees happy. So, here are the signs that tell the company is progressive: 

Employees are loyal: 

If your employees are loyal, this is the first sign that tells the organization is progressive. For instance, if the turnover rate is less and workers are enjoying their work, they wouldn’t go anywhere. Apart from this, employees remain involved in the work and feel motivated. But as an employer, if you want to keep this loyalty for a long time, then promote your culture. Furthermore, you should hire employees who can fit your culture and train them to be a part of the setting. You can create a happy and progressive place that no one wants to leave in this way. 

Communication channels are open: 

Communication is the primary key that makes or breaks any organization. So, a good working environment is one where the ideas and thoughts of employees are welcome. In this way, workers feel encouraged, resulting in more productivity. But ensure that transparency is crucial, and you should strive to improve the channels. If you are hiding any information or there are many rumors in the organization, then it’s terrible for the business. Here are tips to improve communication: 

  • Conduct one on one conversations 
  • HR should open doors for all employees. 
  • Create online platforms where employees can discuss issues 

In this way, you get feedback, and as a result, you can improve the weak points after talking with senior management. 

Goals are aligned with a vision: 

“If you know the direction of your business, then you are half succeeded.”

Yes, it’s tough to identify the problem, but you are on the right track if you can do that. So, at first, always see the bigger picture and then take small steps to help climb the staircase. Thus, if a company describes the values, goals, and vision at the time of recruitment, it helps the employee understand the organization. But organizations should ask new members about their plans to determine whether they can fit in or not. 

Improved teamwork: 

No organization can make progress without doing teamwork. But in most work settings, it’s not possible due to internal workplace politics. So, if your employees can ace the team tasks efficiently, your company is progressive. A good team can collaborate, brainstorm and share tasks for cent percent results. Apart from this, in a good team, all members equally participate because they don’t worry about credit. The main aim is to minimize personal issues and consider work a priority. 

Leaders care about the workers: 

“A leader’s main job is to serve and care the subordinates.”

A leader who knows ways to keep employees as one unit is the best. In simple words, it’s a real test of leadership abilities. But most people don’t understand this and treat workers as “DISPOSABLE UNIT.” A leader should know when an organization should take off employees’ workload and try automated software like invoice maker etc. So, if a subordinate greets and treats employees well, then the company is progressive. 

Where talent is supreme: 

In traditional organizations, it’s a sad reality that degrees have more value than real talent and creativity. But in a progressive organization, it’s the other way HR judges people with their skills and innovation. In this way, every person gets the job according to the expertise due to which workers enjoy working. So, as an owner, you should hire dynamic, talented workers and think out of the box. If you focus on quality skills, it will ultimately result in more productivity and profit. 


If you are confused about the approach, you should adopt it as a business owner experiment. Yes, it’s a good idea and essential to make you a progressive organization. In this way, you can find a suitable solution for all problems. So, try a single approach or combination, but the main aim is to find one that works best for you. 


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