Ways to Stream Kodi to Chromecast

Chromecast is one of the best services for consuming your favorite media content. That’s because Chromecast offers 4K content streaming on your digital TV without a pesky subscription fee.

By just plugging a USB into an HDMI port, watching your favorite tv show, movie, sports, or music videos is easier than ever before. Chromecast is just a streaming platform and not a media player. It, therefore, needs a compatible app for you to access your favorite media at the click of a button. 

One dependable app that you can combine with Chromecast is Kodi. Read on to discover the easiest ways to stream Kodi to Chromecast.

Why use Kodi with Chromecast?

Kodi is a popular open-source media software for the best home entertainment experience. Although Kodi is not automatically compatible with Chromecast, easy hacks make them work seamlessly together.

Endless Kodi add-ons give you access to almost every imaginable content. Depending on the add-ons you install, it’s essential to use a reliable VPN to access your content for free on Kodi to protect your data and privacy.

How to Install Kodi App on Your Device 

Kodi is free and can be installed easily on virtually any device, including smartphones, tablets, Amazon Firestick, Android TV, or PC. Kodi is also compatible with various operating systems and platforms such as Windows, IOS, Linux, macOS, etc. For the latest Kodi Add-ons and builds, please download the Kodi 19.3 (Matrix) version.

The official Kodi app is available on Google Playstore for Android devices, while PC and macOS users can easily download the app from the official Kodi website www.Kodi.tv. Finally, you can do a side download of the Kodi APK file and then manually install the Kodi app on your Amazon Firestick. 

Once you have the app, go to the built-in Kodi add-on repository on the app and download your preferred add-ons. These include popular add-ons such as YouTube, Popcornflix, BBC Iplayer, Trakt, Red Bull TV, Vimeo, or Twitch.

Now that you know how to download Kodi app on your device, let us find out how to stream your content on Chromecast.

How to Stream Kodi to Chromecast from Android

There are 4 easy ways to stream content from Kodi to Chromecast from your android phone or tablet.

Method 1: Stream Kodi from the Quick Settings Icon

This is the easiest method to stream Kodi to Chromecast but will work depending on your android version and device.

Step 1: Pull down the quick settings drawer by swiping down from the status bar on your phone

Step 2: Look for the Cast icon, and if it’s not there, tap on the pencil icon to see more options.

Step 3: Click on the Cast icon to scan available devices and select Chromecast from the available list.

Step 4: Open the Kodi app on your device and play your desired video.

The video will then play on both your device and on Chromecast. You will not be able to use your android device to receive or make calls.

Method 2: Stream Using Chromecast App

Step 1: Open the Chromecast app on your android device. If you don’t have it, download it from Playstore.

Step2: Go to the menu and select the cast screen/audio option, then follow the instructions to connect to your Chromecast

Step 3: Go to the Kodi app and open it.

Step 4: Select the media content you want to watch and play it.

Your chosen media will now play on your Chromecast as well as on your device.

Method 2: Stream Kodi Using Google Home App

Step 1: Install the Google Home app to your device from Google Playstore

Step 2: Open the Google Home app and click on the actions menu

Step 3: Click Cast Screen/Audio

Step 4: Google Home app will search for compatible devices. Select Chromecast from the available list

Step 5: Go to the Kodi app and play the video you want

As with the first option, your media will play on Chromecast and your device.

Method 4: Stream Kodi While it Runs in the Background

This method allows you to stream Kodi from your android device without the need to play the media on the device simultaneously. This will save you battery life and enable you to use your phone to call, text, or run other apps.

Step 1: Go to Google Playstore and download ES File Explorer.

Step 2: From Playstore, download and install LocalCast.

Step 3: Install the PlayerCoreFactory XML File.

Step 4: Download the Kodi app from Playstore

Step 5: Open the ES File Explorer from Settings, go to Display Settings, scroll to the others tab and check the box next to Show hidden files.

Step 6: Go to the Downloads folder and copy the PlayCoreFactory.xml file.

Step 7: From the Home screen of ES Explorer select Internal storage and paste the PlayCoreFactory.xml file in Android -> Data ->org.xbmc.kodi -> files ->.kodi ->userdata folder.

Step 8: Go to the Kodi app and play your chosen content. It will ask you to select a casting service, then choose LocalCast.

Step 9: Pick your Chromecast service, and tap play to start streaming your video.

You may now minimize your LocalCast video or lock your device. The media will play on Chromecast only until you click on Disconnect or Exit on TV. This allows you to use your device to receive or make calls and saves your device’s battery.

How to Stream Kodi from Mac or PC

You can stream from your Mac or PC via the Chrome browser or any other chromium-based browser. Please note that this function is only available on newer versions of Chrome and will not work on older versions.

Method 5: Stream Kodi from Chrome

Step 1: From the top right side of the screen, select the cast icon. If it’s not available, click on the action button and elect cast from the options. 

Step 2: Select cast desktop, choose Chromecast, and wait for the connection to be established.

Step 3: Go to the Kodi app on your computer and play your chosen video.

Your video will then play on Chromecast. For a smooth streaming experience, it is advisable to avoid using the browser while watching your content.

Streaming Kodi on Chromecast is now simple with these 5 easy steps. With Chromecast, you don’t need to fork out a costly fee to a cable or streaming service or hundreds more on a new smart TV. Go on and try these easy hacks today!