Musical Artist Defiant Army Breaks Industry Barriers with Multi-Genre Sound

No matter a musician’s unique and distinct sound, audiences and music executives alike tend to pigeonhole their artists into specific genres, oftentimes reducing them to shells of their former vision. Not so for Italian musician Defiant Army, whose signature blend of rock and rap into a one-of-a-kind sonic experience is subverting the expectations of the industry-at-large.

Intent on harnessing what works, like embracing the edgy look rockers have become known for over the years and removing what doesn’t, Defiant Army has been able to write his own narrative as an up-and-coming artist. By disrupting these societal and industry expectations, Defiant Army has built a reputation for his independence and eclectic approach to life – something that resonated with his growing fan base.

“I believe that a singer who is rapper, trapper, pop, rock today identifies himself in the way of singing but also in the way of dressing and appearing,” said the musician. “We all want to be original, we all want to stand out on other people and I believe that creating your own identity also by expressing yourself through your own outfit is important.”

In his pursuit of self-expression, Defiant Army decided to take the plunge into designing clothing to bring his big ideas to life, turning his knack for personal style into an edge-infused collection. Filled with bespoke leather jackets outfitted with carefully placed studs and intricate drawings, Defiant Army’s pieces have become a trademark feature of his concerts, expanding into a full-scale business as hype began to grow in turn.

Always pushing the boundaries of his role as an artist and musician, Defiant Army has now turned his attention to a new sound – electronic. Adding to his already extensive repertoire of genres, Defiant Army’s unique sound is only expected to be enhanced by this upcoming pivot. 

“For 2022, I have some powerful hits ready,” revealed Defiant Army. “I have collaborated with some Italian producers and electronic music producers. I believe that mixing rap and electro is the right move.”

With a bright future ahead, Defiant Army’s commitment to self-expression is anticipated to put the musician right where he belongs – in a category of his own making.

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