HBO Max is Your One-Stop Shop for all HBO Movies and TV shows.

The best HBO Max movies and shows bring high-definition streaming entertainment to your living room. Thanks to a large library of great content culled from WarnerMedia’s archives, HBO Max is our top pick among the best streaming services.

The best HBO Max shows and movies cater to a wide range of audiences. HBO prestige dramas such as Succession, feel-good reality shows, animated comedies, gripping documentaries, and stand-up specials are all available to watch. They also have original programming, including the Emmy-nominated comedies The Flight Attendant and Hacks. Every month, more are released.

Even the HBO Max app still needs a lot of work. So, instead of getting lost in the HBO Max catalog, We have compiled a list of the best HBO Max TV shows and movies to make it your one-stop shop to stream HBO Max movies and TV shows.


The DCEU is following in the footsteps of Disney Plus, with a spinoff series based on the Suicide Squad of James Gunn. While the film had a lot of interesting misfit villains to choose from, it’s no surprise that WWE SuperStar John Cena’s Peacemaker got the call to bring the DC Universe (Television Network) to HBO Max.

The series follows Peacemaker as he transitions from the hospital where we last saw him to a life working with Amanda Waller’s representatives (yes, Jennifer Holland and Steve Agee are back). The Peacemaker series will also continue the Marvel-on-Disney Plus tradition of revealing more about the characters’ personal lives, as we meet Peacemaker’s father, a grumpy old man (played by Robert Patrick) who has no respect for his son.

Free Guy

We’ve got some good news for you if your Disney Plus account has been collecting digital dust. The former dramatic Free Guy is now streaming on HBO Max, and it’s arguably one of the most anticipated goofy movies to hit streaming.

While its marketing makes it appear to be merely a film about one of the non-playable witness characters in a GTA (Grand Theft Auto) video game, this comedy boasts a stellar cast that may convert skeptics into eager streamers. 

Where else can you see (Ryan Reynolds) from Deadpool, Villanelle (Jodie Comer) from Killing Eve, Steve (Joe K.) from Stranger Things, and Rod the TSA agent (Lil Rel H.) from Get Out? Oh, and Taika Waititi plays a video game creator in it.


Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park, the blockbuster film that launched a three-decade franchise, is a marvel of late-twentieth-century special effects that continues to dazzle audiences with memorable performances and stunning visuals. 

Paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and paleobotanist Dr. Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) are hired as consultants by bizarre industrialist John H. for his latest experience: a hidden Costa Rican theme park housing genetically restored dinosaurs. Jurassic Park is full of thrillers; it’s a bonafide traditional and one of Spielberg’s best. It’s filled with horror, suspense, action, and adventure.


2002 psychological suspense One Hour Photo by Mark Romanek, the late great Robin Williams plays Seymour “Sy” Parrish, a lonely and deranged photo technician who develops a fascination with a middle-class family whose photos he has cared for years. 

Sy’s fascination turns into full-fledged obsession after an incident at work, as his desire to be closer to his family grows to increasingly harrowing, and terrifying, extremes. Williams is masterful in this scene, delivering an out-of-character dramatic performance that ranks among his most accomplished.


Christopher Nolan’s latest film is more than a typical brain teaser; a spy premise gave the sci-fi twist of “inverted time” leads to a purposefully perplexing experience in which the plot disintegrates and the director’s explosive imagery envelops the viewer. It’s a bizarre and divisive experience. 

Thankfully, John David Washington and Robert Pattinson have the charisma to tie everything together. For the full scoop on this one-of-a-kind blockbuster, read our full review from last summer.


Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger’s 1947 film Black Narcissus is a sensuous, psychological melodrama about the mortal temptation and effects of isolation, the nature of faith, the harrowing of the elements, sin and madness, centered on a cloister of nuns attempting to establish a convent in the Himalayas. 

The film was hailed as one of cinema’s greatest achievements, winning two Oscars at the 20th Academy Awards for best art direction and cinematography.


Escape from New York, a 1981 dystopian action film directed by John Carpenter, is a proto-cyberpunk sci-fi classic. The film stars Kurt Russell as “Snake” Plissken, a legendary retired soldier turned prisoner who is suggested the chance to have his life sentence commuted in exchange for rescuing the US President.

The catch: he’ll have to sneak onto Manhattan Island, which has been walled off by the US government and converted into a massive maximum-security prison for the past decade. Escape from New York is a movie that everyone must watch. It is for action fans and John Carpenter lovers alike, with supporting performances by Isaac Hayes and Adrienne Barbeau.


Choose your favorites from this list of the best HBO max movies and thank us later. This list includes some of the most highly recommended action, thrillers, romance, and mystery films, as well as some old favorites that you should not miss. The stories are engrossing and will leave an indelible mark on your mind. Have fun streaming!


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