Fun Things To Do Online When Listening To Country

Because of the world in which we are living, so many of us require some visual stimulation when it comes to relaxing or having fun. This is made much more difficult when listening to music, because we want to give our attention to the music, yet still have something to look at. Many of you have written in to us to discuss exactly this, and we are going to take a look how some of you like to stay visually stimulated whilst your are listening to your favorite country songs.

Online Gaming 

An overwhelming number of you have written in to us to say that you just love playing some online games whilst you are listening to music. The games range a great deal too, from word and logic games to retro games, and some of you have even looked to try betting online as the perfect accompaniment to music listening.

Deep Diving on Artist and Album 

Another great pastime which many of you say that you enjoy, is using the time to find out more about the artist and the albums which you are listening to. This is a great way to spend your time of course, and there are so many resources which we can use to really find out a great deal about the people who we are listening to. Here you can find out the lyrics from songs with the likes of the Genius app, as well as the meaning behind those lyrics. You can also use fan pages that will talk you through the production of the album, and other cool details.


Surprisingly there was a huge number of you who told us that your favorite thing to do whilst you are listening to country, is to work. In fact what most of you have told us is that you prefer to work to country than to any other music, which we are certainly fans of! We totally get this of course and there are so many reasons why country music is perfect for working along to. Those cool rhythms the fun choruses and of course the stories which you can listen to in the background as you get your hustle on. 

Social Media Binge

Understandably there are many of you who don’t enjoy spending a huge amount of time on social media because of the fact that you can become easily distracted. This makes sense of course, but you have also told us that you love to allow yourself some time on social media whilst you are listening to your favorite country tunes. This in fact sounds like a perfect mixture and you can stay on top of your social media accounts, during some guilt-free time when you are listening to your favorite songs. 

Is there anything else which you all enjoy doing whilst you are listening to country music? Let us know in the comments section below this post.