6 Things You Need For Your Events Company Office

Running an events company can be one of the most rewarding jobs of your career. If you’re creative, energetic, and highly organized then event planning may be for you. However, setting up your own company and running an office can come with stress and anxiety. We’ve gathered some tips for decking out your office so that you can focus on the big stuff like clients and suppliers. Check them out below! 

1. Tech And Accessories

You can’t work without laptops, phones, and tablets so make sure you stock up on the essentials. As well as the obvious items you’ll need enough printers, label makers, and scanners to ensure you and your team are waiting in line for table plans, name badges, and vision boards to print. There are a ton of free apps that can serve as a to-do list so digitalize your plans for a more streamlined workload. Portable chargers are accessory necessities as you may need them when you’re working off-site without a ton of power points around you.  Extra screens will help you do several things at once.

2.  Folders And Files

Keeping all of your documents safely stored in files will mean that you can easily transport paperwork from site to site. Keep a stack of spares handy so that you can be highly organized at all times. Purchase post its and sticky tab dividers around so that you can split information into easy-to-find sections such as marketing, supplier lists and passwords. That way you can flick through to the information you need at a moment’s notice.

3.  A Coffee Machine

Events can run long into the night so keep yourself caffeinated with a good quality coffee maker. Whether you prefer freshly ground, quick and easy pods, or simply a great French press, make sure that you have hot drinks on hand to keep you awake and energetic! 

4.  Ergonomic Seating

While the vents themselves may take place in different locations, you’ll spend a lot of your pre-planning time holed up in your office so make sure you’re comfortable. Ergonomic seating will keep you and your employees from hurting your backs meaning you can stay productive and work harder for longer. 

5.  Good Lighting

Any office should have good lighting to avoid you and your staff getting eye strain and headaches. If you’re feeling rough you won’t be performing at your best and correct lighting can make all the difference. Have as much natural lighting flood your office space as possible and purchase natural light lamps to make up for where light is lacking. Your employees will thank you! 

6.  Plants

Plants are natural air purifiers that have been proven to decrease stress, increase productivity and absorb carbon dioxide in the air. These pretty little toxin reducers will not only boost the oxygen in your environment but are also easy on the eye. 

Which of these items will you be adding to your events office? Let us know in the comments!