3 Common Reasons Why So Many Hip-Hop Artists Fail

Hip hop recently became the number one most popular genre of music worldwide and modern production tools and platforms have done a lot to democratize the genre. This can be both a gift and a curse for creators, however. This means that the market is becoming increasingly saturated. But it also means that acts that have something special have a chance of standing out. 

Unfortunately, the vast majority of rap acts end up failing, and it’s usually because of mistakes or misconceptions. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons why hip-hop artists fail.

Thinking that Everyone Can Make it

This is probably the biggest misconception about the hip-hop industry and hip-hop music as a genre. Yes, virtually anyone can rap, and the most popular rappers are not always the most talented. But hip hop is also an incredibly tough music genre to master and those who made it without extreme talent usually had something else working for them.

In many cases, these artists had to build a following on social media and to do many things most true artists wouldn’t want to do, like causing controversy, for instance. So, if you think all you need is a few good beats and generic lyrics to be successful, think again.

Not Having Good Music

If you want to become a serious hip-hop artist and be respected for your talent, you will have to put some work in. You have to invest in good production, a good studio, and work on your live performance. You must develop your writing skills too.

This is why we suggest that you take songwriting classes and consider taking singing, acting, and dancing classes as well. Songwriting classes will add complexity to your writing and teach you how to improve things like storytelling. Dancing and acting classes will help make your live performance more interesting and improve your stage presence while singing classes will allow you to improve on melodies.

Not Networking Enough

Another mistake people make is putting their music on Soundcloud or YouTube and waiting for the fans to come. This is not how it works. Even trying to build an Instagram following will be extremely difficult when people don’t know you.

This is why you need to focus on building a network first. Trying to reach random fans is not the best strategy as they have limited attention spans and will usually only listen to new acts if they have been recommended to them by people they know. It would be much better to network with other like-minded artists who will be more receptive to your music.

Not only that, but you might find people who will be willing to help you spread your brand, critique your music, or even work on collaborations. If you’re looking for a great musician community, you should check out Soundful Music. You’ll find plenty of artists and other music professionals there and you’ll get the chance to discuss music and the music business with them.

Making it in the hip-hop industry isn’t easy and you have to be ready for all the challenges that come with building a successful career. Make sure that you avoid these mistakes and work on improving your craft first and foremost.