2 Reasons Why Mahomes and the Chiefs Can Win Super Bowl LVI

If there is something that the NFL has shown us for a couple of years now, it’s that the league could very well count on a “before and after” of when Patrick Mahomes entered the league with the Kansas City Chiefs. If you look at any of the top NFL stats sites around, you’ll see that ever since Mahomes took over the starting QB job at Kansas City, everything has been close to perfect for the Chiefs and their loyal fan base.

With the Chiefs once again in contention for not only the AFC Championship but also a spot in Super Bowl LVI, where Mahomes and company will be trying to win their 2nd Super Bowl in the last four seasons, here we bring you two reasons why it’s ok to believe that the Chiefs have exactly what it takes to take the Lombardi trophy back to Kansas City.

Patrick Mahomes Wants Revenge Over Super Bowl 55

In the five years that Patrick Mahomes has been in the NFL, he has been to the postseason in four of them and the Super Bowl twice, winning in one of those two trips. That in itself could be considered quite a hefty career for any quarterback in the league, but if you take into account that Mahomes has been in the league for only five seasons, everything takes a completely different turn. What Patrick Mahomes has done for the Kansas City Chiefs ever since taking over the starting position at the end of his first season in the league has been just short of amazing. Just in the postseason alone he already holds the record for the most touchdown passes thrown by a QB in the first 10 playoff starts with 25 TD passes. 

This season, while at first it looked like some struggles with his offensive line and getting in the groove of the game would end up causing problems for Mahomes and the Chiefs, the QB got right back on the horse and started showing everyone around why he is considered one of the best QB’s that the league has seen in recent history. But what’s even more important and what could very well amount to becoming the perfect tipping point for Mahomes taking the Chiefs to victory in Super Bowl LVI is his thirst for revenge. Mahomes and the Chiefs lost Super Bowl LV to Tom Brady’s Buccaneers last season and now, with a revamped offensive line to protect him and his two favorite targets, WR Tyreek Hill and TE Travis Kelce firing on all cylinders, Mahomes is ready to go back into the Super Bowl and claim the Lombardi trophy as his once again.

Overall Championship Pedigree and Culture In KC

At the beginning of the season, when the Chiefs started struggling a bit to be the ever so dominant version of themselves that all fans and football connoisseurs had grown accustomed to, many people thought that the Chiefs were about to start slowing down on their tracks and taking a bit of a break from being perennial favorites to win it all. Now, while some people thought that, still a vast majority didn’t see the Chiefs struggling a bit here or there as a reason to worry, and why is that? Because of the championship pedigree and winning culture that this team thrives on.

Yes, some teams are stacked with talented players that play some very good football, but at the end of the day, in games where championship contention purposes are on hand, nothing beats having a true championship winning culture and pedigree to back what you do on the field. Kansas City can brag about having tons of that pedigree and culture with most of their players already knowing what it’s like to play in the most important games like conference title games and the Super Bowl. But not just that, many players already know what it’s like to win said games and they know exactly what it takes to win in those stages, so at the end of the day it’s not a question of if Kansas City can get the job done in such high-caliber stages, it’s a question of if their opponents have what it takes to try and stop them on their way. When you have a team with players like Patrick Mahomes and company and a coaching staff with a man like Andy Reid calling the shots, the chances of winning are much higher than the chances of losing.


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