5 Great Songs about Jewelry

“Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.” Now, could you genuinely disagree with what Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor says about jewels? Sure, everyone is entitled to have an opinion. We don’t all need to love jewelry but, if that’s the case, we would be a minority.

The world around us is telling us something different. Jewelry has existed for centuries, and for centuries it has been a symbol of class and femininity. However, this doesn’t mean it didn’t evolve. Trends have changed. For example, flashy and mass-produced jewels are not a thing anymore, and some even consider them vulgar. On the contrary, the appreciation for handmade jewelry has never been so high because people value uniqueness more and more. 

But, as we already hinted, something will hardly change: these tiny, precious things are in our minds. And not rarely, they are in the artists’ minds. Think about moviemakers who have long used jewelry to adorn actresses on the set. Or, think about singers. Yes, today we are here to talk about this indeed. To be more precise, we will discuss 5 great songs about jewelry. And what do they have in common, besides their protagonists? They are all worth a try!

  1. Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

    Admit it, you knew this was going to be our number one. And how on earth could it be any different? This is probably the first song that comes into mind when we think about jewelry. Most likely, Marilyn Monroe’s performance massively contributed to its legend, which was later reinforced by the iconic Nicole Kidman.

    What else is there to say? Oh, yes, that we “prefer a man who lives and gives expensive jewels.”

  2. Diamonds are Forever

    On our second position, we have another classic. Indeed, the song owes part of its popularity to the James Bond film with the same name. It is its official soundtrack, among the most important ones in cinema history. But over the years, and thanks to Shirley Bassey’s incredible voice, it slowly became an ode to diamonds.

    The lyrics do not differ much from those you can read in any love song. The only difference is that there’s no man involved.

  3. Diamonds

    Speaking of Diamonds, we present to you the one and only…Rihanna. In this case, diamonds are used as a metaphor (“shine bright tonight, we’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky”). It is an encouragement for those who struggle to find their value and is communicated brilliantly. Yes, as brilliantly as it can be.

  4. Royals

    Here’s the thing: without anyone being against it, we couldn’t love what we love in the same way. Lorde’s masterpiece is very different from the songs we just discussed. Even though she doesn’t make it explicit, it’s clear that she isn’t a fan of luxuries.

    That said, it is still an excellent piece of music and an interesting insight. Also, it’s not too easy to counterargue, isn’t it? After all, jewelry is not necessarily a luxury product nowadays, not anymore!

  5. Baubles, Bangles, and Beads

    Here’s the counterargument. Legendary Frank Sinatra makes us think about a different type of jewelry. Not the flashy and sparkly one you usually see in Bond movies, but one from a different culture, made with materials that are not exactly mainstream.

    Anyway, enough with the arguments. The song is terrific. The rhythm is sensational and without even noticing, you’ll be dancing on it. It’s what usually happens with all the songs we just discussed. They are all about jewelry, and they are fantastic.

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