The Best Gifts for Dog Lovers

Your Christmas list is likely full of all sorts of people. The one who loves to travel. The one who loves to cook. The one who loves music. The one who loves sports.

But what on earth do you get for the one who loves dogs? Especially if they already have a dog?

Over the last two years, the amount of people who have decided to bring a dog into their life has increased monumentally. In fact, the latest studies show that for every person, at least 20 people in their circle of friends and family have adopted dogs at some point this last year. That is a lot of dog lovers living out their dream now!

 So the chances that you will have a dog lover to shop for this Christmas is extremely high. So high, in fact, that we are creating the ultimate list of the best gifts for dog lovers to help you out.

From gifts for dogs and dog owners alike, we have rounded up all the top items that would be on every dog owner’s hot list this year.  So scroll through and be inspired by all the paw-fect gifts to get the dog lovers on your Christmas shopping list.

  1. Dog Leash and Collar

This is an essential one, but every dog lover who actually owns a dog should have a dog collar and leash set. But the best part is, this essential accessory does not have to be boring. In fact, we think it is anything but. In fact, it is more like a dog’s version of a necklace and bracelet duo. These sets come in all shapes, sizes and colors. From brown to pink and baby blue, there is the perfect color for your dog lover’s pet. They will be able to have this go-to set ready every time they want to take their dog out for a walk. And best of all, it is easy to clean and even waterproof. Plus, the best sets also come with a poop bag carrier just in case their dog decides to go number two on the walk. There are even added accessories such as a harness that can also be added to this set. Making for a great practical gift for dog lovers, you can have fun choosing the collar and leash set that best matches the dog’s personality and breed, along with the dog lover’s style. 

  1. Dog Art

Yes, dog art exists. And it is basically every dog lover’s dream come true. There are now companies out there that allow you to create personalized pet portraits for the ultimate dog keepsake. All you have to do is pick the costume you want your dog to be super-imposed into, pick the photo of the dog and then lock in your order. You can choose from a range of dog art pieces, such as a custom dog pillow that will be perfect for that dog lover’s bed, or a custom canvas print that can proudly hang in the hallway. This gift is great for both dogs of present and past, and create a forever keepsake that captures a dog’s unique personality. We guarantee any dog lover will be smiling, laughing, crying, and jumping for joy opening a gift like this.

  1. A Dog Bed

All dogs deserve a comfy bed, and any dog lover will proudly support that. So why not get a gift that provides the ultimate cuddle time to both a dog lover and their dog? Companies like cordaroys create the ultimate pet beds that are designed to literally last forever. Meaning you will be giving any dog lover a gift they will never have to purchase for themselves. The forever pet beds are designed to act as both a lounging couch and an actual bed for them to rest. It is stylish enough to join the rest of the family in the living room and durable enough to withstand all the wear and tear that naturally comes from any dog. Plus, there are beds that come in various sizes, so no matter how big or small the dog is, there is the perfect size for them. This revolutionary pet bed will have any dog lover wanting to snooze on it with their dog all night long, too. And we honestly do not blame them!

  1. A Dog Gift Box

There are gift boxes for humans. So inevitably, there are now also gift boxes for dogs as well. Brands like Barkbox have made it so that each month dog lovers receive a unique box full of dog products that they never knew they needed until it arrived on their front doorstep. There are so many different themes to choose from—with everything from a spiderman themed box to a Christmas-themed box with a Rudolph dog toy inside. The way these gift boxes work are super simple too. You can gift the dog lover a subscription which can be renewed or canceled monthly, with the first box arriving within two days of signing up. From then on, a box full of dog toys and treats will show up to bring the dog-loving household a month’s worth of joy.

  1. A Dog Tracker

This is more of a practical gift, but any dog lover would be heartbroken to lose their dog. So gifting them a dog GPS tracker will allow them to find their lost pet more easily, as the tracking device is implanted into their collar. In fact, parameters can even be set up so that if the dog strays past the designated boundary, the dog lover’s phone will get an alert as well as getting notifications through text and email. They will never have to worry about losing their dog again, and that is one of the greatest gifts you can give a dog lover.

  1. A Dog Seat Cover

Dog lovers really enjoy traveling with pets. This is why you should gift them a luxury dog cover for their car. It is a gift that benefits both the dog owner and the dog. As it prevents dog hair from getting all over the car, while equally providing comfort to the dog during long road trips. They can stretch out and relax on pet-friendly fabric in the backseat as they get ready for an adventure of a lifetime with their owner.

  1. A Dog Backpack

For dog lovers, a dog is like their firstborn. They love it, spoil it and go all out with giving it the best life possible. So of course, they need a dog backpack for those hikes out in the wilderness. Designed to carry dog food and treats, along with a dog water bottle to keep the furry friend hydrated during the track, the dog backpack will equally double as a fashion statement for the dog lover. Plus, it is lightweight and durable, meaning this gift will last them a very long time. 

Who knew there were so many thoughtful gifts to get dog lovers this Christmas? From unique pieces of art to practical pet accessories, you can win any dog lover over with these dog-themed gifts, guaranteeing you will have a paw-bulous Christmas day with them. So what gift will you be getting that dog lover on your list?