Living Smart and Spending Less

Do you consider yourself a frugal person? People who know how to moderate their spending habits can usually get a lot more out of life by making the effort. Keeping an eye on your money is not about being cheap. It’s about conscientious spending and careful management of financial resources. If you want to take a stab at upping your frugality quotient, consider doing things like hiring a vehicle broker the next time you buy a car, locating scholarship money before enrolling in a degree program, planning epic vacations far in advance to get discounts, and purchasing medical insurance that fits your budget. Living smart means spending less on life’s major expenditures. Here’s how to become more money-minded and transition into a frugal lifestyle.

Using Vehicle Brokers

For less than $500, you can hire a vehicle broker to help you locate your ideal car or truck. Then, when you decide to buy, work directly through the broker to complete paperwork, apply for financing, and accept delivery of your new vehicle. You’ll never visit a dealership or pay high commissions. Expect to save at least $1,000 when buying a car through a broker.

Finding Scholarship Money for College

There are thousands of scholarships out there, each with its own criteria, rules, and application forms. Wading through all the ones that pertain to you can take weeks. The most efficient way to proceed is to devote your time to the search. That’s a reasonable goal if you use a free scholarship search and application platform. The beauty of using such a platform is that you can hunt for the needed cash before deciding which colleges to apply for. In most cases, organizations that offer money to prospective students are not tied to institutions. That means you can begin right now and find scholarships that can help fund your degree.

Vacation Planning for Best Prices

Planning is a great way to help you save money without making more money than your main stream of income. If you know your travel plans in advance, you can save as much as 50 percent on hotels, airfare, and tour prices. The main reason for this phenomenon is a simple one. Companies that rely on tourist dollars love customers who book well in advance. It gives the businesses a guaranteed stream of income and makes it easier for them to do financial planning for the upcoming season. If you intend to take a major trip overseas, spend time researching reliable tourism clubs to find group rates that make sense for you. Then, check with all the major airlines and see which ones are offering the largest discounts on advance booking. Do the same for hotels, and you’re on your way to a low-cost excursion.

Finding Medical Plans That Make Sense

Shopping for healthcare can be one of the most baffling challenges any working adult faces. While no two situations are identical, it’s a good idea to opt for plans with higher deductibles and lower out-of-pocket maximums, all else being equal. Regardless of what level of co-insurance you’re comfortable with, those two factors are the most relevant for nearly every single and married person, whether or not they have children.


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