Josh Turner Opens up on why it Took Him 20 Years to Record a Christmas Album

Josh Turner (photo via Josh Turner/Instagram)

Josh Turner dropped his first Christmas album, just two months before his 20th year as a performer in the Grand Ole Opry. Eight studio albums, including a gospel album as well as a covers collection, were released in-between. However, the singer says he was not trying to avoid the opportunity.

The opposite is true, in reality.

Turner — whose 11-track album King Size Manger came out in October – has nostalgic memories of Christmases while as a child growing up within Hannah, S.C., and being born into the Church, he loved traditional songs. With a large family waiting for a tour and recording to help support the album, the time was perfect.

“There wasn’t any twisting of my arm for this,” he says to Taste of Country Nights host Evan Paul during a sit-down that was filmed in ToC Nights. ToC Nights Studio. “I’ve been wanting to make this my whole career.” Find sport betting on NetBet.

Traditional songs such as “Angels We Have Heard on High” and “Go Tell It on the Mountain” include collaborative tracks on “Joy to the World” with Rhonda Vincent, and “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” featuring his wife and their four boys. There are also original tracks, like the title track “What He’s Given Me” and “Soldier’s Gift.” “Mele Kalikamaka My’Ohana” was inspired by his wife, Jennifer.

“I’ve had to explain to people,” Turner starts, “when you come to Nashville and you’re looking for a record deal and trying to establish yourself, you’re not thinking, ‘Man, I wanna go to Nashville and make a Christmas record.'”

It was not an initial priority, however, as his career grew and he racked up eight No. 1. Billboard Country Airplay hit songs, he realized he was in the midst of a long list of ideas. In actuality, an hour-long discussion with his producer left him somewhat overwhelmed. Evidently, for Josh Turner, there’s no getting the Christmas genie back in the bottle after it’s gone.

In the full discussion, Turner opens up about the joyous Christmases he had as a child, and also the ways he and Jennifer are celebrating with their expanding family (spoiler warning: the tour is one of the families). The 44-year old also speaks about his most-loved songs to perform live and his most-favorite song that’s challenging each time.