How to learn to play the guitar

Many people think learning the guitar is an impossible task that takes years. That’s true in part, but only if you want to play the instrument like a pro. But often, people want to learn to play guitar so they can play their favorite songs in the company, or just for fun. In this case, it’s easy to learn the basic chords and ways to play in just two or three months. 

If you’ve learned a few songs on your guitar, you can post a video. To get more attention, a music PR сan help you.

What you need for lessons

  1. A guitar.
  2. Desire. Even more important than the instrument.
  3. Time for lessons. You can easily find it, too, if the desire is strong enough. Especially since 30 minutes a day will be enough for you.
  4. Training aids. No problem at all: you can buy a self-study bookstore, watch video lessons on YouTube and find the chords on the internet.

Choose and buy a guitar

There are two main types of acoustic guitars: classical and dreadnought. There is an opinion that classical guitars are better suited for beginners because of the wide fingerboard and nylon strings. The first feature decreases the chance of to accidentally bumping ump a string with your fingers because the distance between strings is wider than on a dreadnought. The nylon strings themselves are softer than metal strings, so they don’t dig into your fingertips as much and cause less blistering.

Tune your guitar

Before you can play, you have to tune your guitar. Don’t be intimidated, even a beginner can do it. And without this skill, you won’t be able to play. You’ll need a tuner, either as a standalone device or a smartphone app. In both cases, you tune by alternately tightening or loosening all the strings according to the tuner’s prompts.

Try to play

Finally, we get to the fun part – the game itself. There doesn’t seem to be anything difficult. Just press the strings with your left hand and hit them with your right: you’ve seen it a million times and you’ve probably tried it yourself. Then why can’t you do it? The strings rattle, your fingertips burn, and your joints get tired and stiff.

It’s all about the experience that comes with practice.

The right hand should be relaxed and the hand not twisted. The left hand should be wrapped around the fingerboard, but always with the thumb parallel to the fret. You don’t have to squeeze the fingerboard as hard as you can, otherwise, the hand will quickly become tired. Try playing random notes by pressing the first string with your index finger at different frets. Try to press the string fully down so that it sounds clean. It won’t be easy, but you’ll develop your technique over time.

Just making sounds is boring. So to make it more interesting, you can learn simple one-string melodies and practice on them.  

Try playing on the other strings, and also engage the other fingers, letting them get used to it.


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