How to auto like posts on Instagram

Happy birthday, Lord of the Rings. Anyway, you can use this service to add a few “likes” of posts you have made and even those that your followers have liked you like. The process of auto-liking posts and likes are very simple.

Every time you make a post, we call these as “Post”. Click on the like or comment button on that post and click on “Privacy > Chat” that will take you to a dashboard in Instagram called “Chat”

After logging into Instagram on your account, go to the Chat window and tap on the input “Create Post” button next to the post name.

Put your Instagram username next to the post that you are creating. Use a free Instagram likes bio of your choice to follow along with Instagram so you can’t change your id and don’t accidentally post your own personal information.

We would like to use the comment button to say a few “thank you” words to our followers for any kind of “like” or comment on your post.

Get the comments and the likes on your post that you have made into a comment box and make sure that you put it next to the tweet or comment so that you can see as you would like. It’s really important to be as specific as possible so you know what chatbot or post is responding to your comment.

Now find the comment or post that you created. Look at the name of the post that you made. Look at who commented on the post. Go through the comments and let’s see if you can also give them a like.

Manually click the “like” button if you see it. If you notice that the comment or post is not responding to your “like”, then let’s try something else.

Open up an IG Liker and chat window on Instagram which will take you to the same chat in which you just created. This chat will have the comment or post that you just made as input and the other chat bubbles that have been created since you posted the comment or post.

If you notice that your comment or post is not responding to the comment or post of the person that commented on your post, then let’s do something else.

Right-click on the “comment or post” you just created and then select “Add Comments to Post”

Go through and find the end of the comment or post that you just made in the comment field and then right-click on it and select “Favorite”

This will let you do that three times in order to have it appear the number of times a person likes your comments or the number of comments that commented on the post of the person who commented on your post.

Continue to let it appear in the comments until the comment or post appears more than once.

At this point, you need to review the comments made by the people. If you see the people like your comments or comments, you will have saved a few “likes”.

This will give you some room to work with. Maybe you should post a few more selfies of yourself then you’ve taken or you’ll post some funny pictures of your animals looking puzzled. With these many comments in your feed, you’re sure to get yourself more Instagram auto liker, “likes”, and comments if you comment on your own posts.


What I’ve learned from this is that you can make good money by creating a business with Instagram, by sharing your posts and reaching out to your followers. This will help you make enough money to be able to share your life with your loved ones and paying bills so you can support them.

Just go through the process and you will be done with the creation of your new social media account as well as have your followers return you in return by commenting on your posts.