All About Leitner System

The teaching and learning process has been simplified to a great extent, with the arrival of online teaching apps due to the digitalization of education. Various effective study techniques already exist and are also followed by several students to help them get done with their coursework easily. 

Out of all the learning strategies, Leitner System is the most effective and impactful one because it has been observed that the students greatly benefit by following this when it comes to memorizing facts and retaining information. 

What is further excellent is that this method works well in the scenario of digitalized education. The application of smartphones, laptops, computers, and various other electrical devices can also be used to learn things efficiently by using this system.  

Leitner System is all about the application of flashcards to wield the strategy of spaced repetition to absorb facts at regular intervals, thus avoiding the stoppage of cramming the brain with truckloads of information. 

This blog article will look at the varied aspects of the Leitner System, and see how it aids the students in studying in the best way possible. 

What Is Leitner System? 

Developed by the eminent German commentator and science journalist Sebastian Leitner in the age of 1970s, the Leitner System is a study technique that focuses on the usage of flashcards to enhance the memorization abilities of students. 

The development of cognitive skills and brain stimulation is made possible with the usage of the technique of spaced repetition to ensure the students remember what they learn over frequent periods. 

Instead of learning everything in one go, Leitner System encourages the use of flashcards. Students are supposed to go through the flashcards at spaced intervals, and thus ‘space out’ their study sessions to ensure they get the power to remember things carefully. 

How To Utilise The Leitner System In Memorisation & Day-To-Day Learning? 

The usual scenario in the realm of education for the students is to self-study what is taught by the teachers via an education app during class hours. What is essential now is to shed light on the exact technique of using this system to feel the benefits. If you are someone struggling with memorization issues, following these steps will help you get rid of your problems. 

First of all, your job will be to make an array of flashcards. Always remember that you have to create one flashcard for each core concept that you have to study. Now, format each box with clear labelings by highlighting the exact study period on these boxes. You can put markings on the boxes and write down the dates when you will be reviewing these flashcards. 

For instance, you can make the labelings something in this manner. 

Flashcards of Box 1  Daily 
Flashcards of Box 2 After every 3 days 
Flashcards of Box 3  After every 5 days 
Flashcards of Box 4 After every 7 days 
Flashcards of Box 5 After every 9 days


It is up to your discretion as to what exactly the study period spacing you wish to keep in the boxes. To facilitate the execution of this system, prepare your study schedule and keep it somewhere in your front and attempt to align it with the spacing period of the flashcards. 

Once you have put some flashcards in Box 1, attempt to remember the facts and information you have written in those cards. Only if you succeed in information recalling as is present in the first box can you move ahead with shifting these flashcards into Box 2. Now, review the information every alternate day. 

On those alternate days, go through the reviewing and recalling stages. You will aim to remember the concepts as written in the cards contained in Box 2. If you see you can recall everything clearly, place the cards in the third box or Box 3. In this way, you have to continue with the process and not shift the cards to the next box if you fail to recall the information or concepts present in the precedent box. 

It is all about keeping the cards in the precedent boxes if you fail to recall the information and moving ahead with keeping the cards in the successive box if you succeed to recall the information. 

Isn’t it quite a fun way to revitalize your memorization ability? 

Final Words 

Leitner System has emerged as a highly effective strategy to facilitate the ability of the brain to memorize quickly and retain the facts for quite a long period. Attempt to execute this and see how fast you are learning. Learn fast, and remember well!