Top Tips for Learning a New Instrument

For any music lover, playing a new instrument is a great way to develop your passion for rhythm and melody. Perhaps you have simply never had the opportunity to test your musical abilities as a child or work commitments got in the way in later years; always remember that it’s never too late to learn.

There are many benefits to learning to play an instrument, such as boosting your creative side, but also developing your self-confidence to take on new challenges. The instrument such as accordion for sale is always available in any music shop.By taking on the correct advice and having that inner sense of determination, you’ll find it much easier to try your hand at learning an instrument. Here are some top tips to keep in mind:

Choose your instrument 

First thing’s first is to choose an instrument. While many believe it is as simple as picking whatever takes their fancy, there are certain factors to bear in mind. You’ll need to ensure you have enough time to devote to the learning process, as well as whether it lends itself to the style of music you’re hoping to play. If you’re keen on the beat, playing drums may be the best option for you, while those passionate about melodies may prefer to learn the likes of a saxophone. In the early days of saxophone playing, you may notice a frequent high-pitched squeaking sound. This is often a result of poor technique, or it could be the result of a more serious issue. This article provides the key reasons as to why your saxophone may be squeaking.

Have patience 

Starting out as a beginner musician can be daunting and you may not know where to start. It can be infuriating knowing what the outcome should sound like, but not being able to accomplish it. Always bear in mind that it’s not a realistic concept to master skills in a matter of minutes. As the brain can only focus for approximately 30 minutes at a time, it would be wise to take regular breaks to prevent overload. If you’re failing to give yourself the time and space to process what you have just picked up, it can make the practice of learning an instrument a pessimistic experience, instead of a positive one. 

Choose songs you like

Upon starting out as a beginner, it’s always a good idea to start learning songs that you like to make it more of an enjoyable experience. However, try not to put too much pressure on yourself with songs that are too challenging for a novice. Each piece should be slow and steady and allow you to change chords easily.

Study music theory

Learning basic music theory will allow you to develop a stronger technical background when learning a new instrument. Without understanding the structure of a piece, it can be difficult to improve your experience as an aspiring musician. Theoretical knowledge of a piece should help you to learn at a much quicker pace due to growing familiar with the recurring rhythms and melodies.