Top 5 Hits in Country Music History

Country music has been an all-time favorite of most people. People love listening to the amazing melodies that country stars create for their fans. But, country music is not something that has emerged in recent times. It has been popular for several decades. Some of the best country hits were created several years ago. 

So, we have created a list of the top 5 songs of all time that are hummed by people even today.

  1.     ‘I walk in line’ by Johnny Cash

 This beautiful song was written by Johnny Cash for his wife and was released in 1957. It was also recorded as Johnny Cash’s first No. 1 on the billboards. This song managed to stay in a great position for almost 43 weeks. One important thing to note about this song is that it was written in a single night.

  1.     ‘Jolene’ by Dolly Parton 

Dolly Parton is undoubtedly the queen of country music and when this song came out in 1973, everyone went crazy over it. Till today, this song is covered by various young talents because it is one of the greatest songs in country music history. It was the second song released by Parton that was No. 1 on the charts. The love that fans have showered over this song is immense and they are still going crazy over the song.

  1.     ‘Friends in low places’ by Garth Brooks 

Not many people know that this outstanding song was written by Dewayne Blackwell and Earl Bud Lee. They gave this song to Garth Brooks who was not very famous at the time. But when he released this song, it soon made its place to No.1 on the charts. In just a few days, Garth Brooks became a famous name in the country music industry. Several fans enjoy this song while indulging in online games.

  1.     ‘Choices’ by George Jones 

The song was released in 1999 and is known as one of the most meaningful songs released by Jones. He was a popular name in the industry for several decades and gave many chartbusters that fans listen to on loop even today.

  1.     ‘Concrete Angel’ by Martina McBride

 This song was first released in 2002 and shares an emotional message about a young girl who is dealing with abuse. This song was loved by people around the world because they connected with it extremely well and appreciated the outstanding lyrics.