Rolling Stones’ Best Selling Albums Ever

You may not believe it, but the legendary Rolling Stones are back on tour, once again. Many people would say even for the millionth time since the start of their career. The Stones are an amazing rock and roll band that has one of the most authentic rock band histories.

And since they haven’t played for a while because of the COVID-19 situation now when they are finally back on the road, fans from all across the globe are hungry to buy tickets online for the Rolling Stones upcoming concerts, and it is not a surprise since these rock Gods should be seen at least once in a lifetime.

Unfortunately, just recently, the Stones drummer Charlie Watts passed away, but they decided to continue touring since that is the Rolling Stones style, never give up. 

These musicians had an incredible career, and some of the best songs from the best albums will be played on their upcoming tour, so let’s see which are some of the best-selling Rolling Stones albums ever. It is nice to reflect on their career before listening to them live, so let’s start.

Some Girls (1978)

The Rolling Stones have never been labeled as a failure in any aspect of their albums, but normally as every band, they also had some albums that were not as commercially successful as their top ones. But they were also great in bouncing back with the next one, as it happened when they released ‘’Some Girls’’ in 1978, which followed ‘’Back and Blue’’ that wasn’t a huge success. 

There were many lovely songs on this studio album; some of them became cult classics like ‘’Miss You’’ and ‘’Beast of Burden.’’ A fun fact is that this one remains their only album that was nominated for Album of the Year Grammy Award, which is quite incredible, but the rock and roll legends don’t bother themselves with awards anyway. It sold more than 18.3 million copies, and they were once again on top of the music industry world, where they actually belong. 

Aftermath (1966)

As you have probably heard, some people consider the Rolling Stones a group of musicians that are great showbiz stars, but not as great musicians. These claims, of course, are not true, and they managed to prove that many times, especially with their studio album released in 1966 by the name of ‘’Aftermath’’.

This album was entirely composed by both Keith Richards and Mick Jagger, and they proved to every single person in the world, especially to the critics, that they are not only a couple of guys who know how to play live but also a group of musicians that can make some great music together. The album sold more than 19.6 million copies and had one of the most legendary songs ‘’Under My Thumb.’’ When Keith and Mick make songs together, the result can only be positive, and their collaboration remains epic even today.

Let It Bleed (1969)

‘’Let It Bleed’’ is one of the best Stones albums ever, and the most incredible thing is that they managed to make such an album even though they had to fire their band member and friend Brian Jones during the making of it. His alcohol and drug addiction were starting to be a problem in the process, and several months later, he, unfortunately, passed away. 

But when this studio album came out in 1969, it was a significant success, and the songs from this album are still immensely popular today. It was the number one album in the United Kingdom, and it has songs like ‘’You Can’t Always Get What You Want’’ and ‘’Gimme Shelter.’’ These songs are some of the most popular among their fans, and if you buy Rolling Stones tickets, you will definitely hear them live at their concert. ‘’Let It Bleed’’ has sold more than 21.3 million copies, which is an incredible number for a rock and roll band.

Sticky Fingers (1971)

Last but not least, the best-selling studio album of the Rolling Stones is ‘’Sticky Fingers’’ which was released back in 1971. It has sold more than 21.7 million copies, and it will probably stay as the best-selling album since everything is streamed online today. But the Stones don’t need to sell any more studio albums anyway. 

It was the first album they did entirely without Brian Jones, and it was a huge success also on the charting lists since it was number one in the United Kingdom and the United States for several weeks. Some of the best songs on this studio album are ‘’Wild Horses’’, ‘’Brown Sugar’’, and ‘’Can’t You Hear Me Knocking.’’ The album is so good that even the design is excellent, and the legendary Andy Warhol made it. It does not get any better than this, and their popularity skyrocketed even more after the release of ‘’Sticky Fingers.’’