How to use live broadcasts on Instagram to increase sales

When promoting on Instagram, people use different tools to increase and involve an audience: they apply advertising opportunities, buy real Instagram followers, likes, collaborate with bloggers, work with content. Video content on Instagram occupies a dominant place, so it is very important to broadcast live. In such a way your current audience can be warmed up. You can attract a new audience and keep it on your account. During a live broadcast, a person becomes the most natural, so the audience contacts and perceives a speaker much better.

Live streaming is a best-selling tool with which you can sell easier and more. Live broadcasts can increase sales by 5-7 times. With the help of the current tool you can sell not only online but also in the future, if you save ether, make a nice cover and add it to your feed.

How to prepare for a live broadcast?

Live broadcasts attract a new audience, so make sure your profile creates an authoritative first impression. This applies to visual content, text, quantitative indicators. If you have a young account, it is reasonable to increase trust through social proof and buy Instagram followers, set up advertising posts, etc.

The success of your marketing strategy depends on the choice of live broadcasts topics. They must touch upon the problem a person will solve.

When you start organizing a place, good lighting is the most important thing. If daylight is not possible, you need to install additional equipment. The background must be neutral and not distracting. You should be the main figure on the screen and the center of attraction.

Try to eliminate distractions as much as possible and do not run direct ether in noisy places.

 Time frames from 6 pm to 8 pm are the most optimal for live broadcasts as people are ready to consume content.  You need to announce a direct broadcast in both formats of stories and posts to cover all layers of your audience.

How to make live broadcast effective?

First, you need to prepare the structure. At the very beginning of the ether, the theme and value must be named. You should convince viewers to spend a certain time and prove you are an expert in a certain topic. To keep the attention of the audience until the very end, promise a useful gift. The next tool for keeping attention is storytelling. Tell stories then the audience will be much more interested in perceiving the information.

If you need to sharpen the viewer’s attention to a specific moment, embed humor in the communication. Even on a complex topic, if you joke at the right moment, people will remember the information much better.

Don’t be distracted by off-topic questions. It is necessary at the very beginning to declare the rules, for example, the first part is informational, and the second one is answering the questions. People will respectfully watch live broadcasts without distraction.

Direct ether must end with a call to action, otherwise, it has no meaning.

Finally, use all possible tools Instagram offers to get maximum for your business and promotion.