How to Develop a Relationship With a Woman in 5 Stages?

It is no secret that a happy and strong relationship between a man and a woman is 1% compatibility and 99% of daily work. It is often very difficult for men to understand women, and this is not surprising – they are completely differently arranged.

But love works wonders! Want to start dating a Russian woman to build a strong relationship with her, but do not know what to begin with? Then this article will help you! Read on and learn how to develop a relationship with a Russian woman.

1.  Acquaintance and courtship

Basically, at this stage, you should not have any problems. Be yourself and you will succeed. Let the woman feel like a queen next to you, and then she will never want to part with you. Do your best to become her best friend she can trust. Become the one with whom she can share all the joys and sorrows, talk about everything, and, if necessary, let her cry on your shoulder. It is a valuable investment in developing strong and happy relationships.

2.  The beginning of relationships and feelings

If you liked a Russian woman, and you managed to please her, it is time to take it to a new level. Now a romantic relationship, first feelings, sympathy begin to emerge between you. This stage of your relationship will go down in the history of your life and possibly your future family, so how bright it will be depends only on you. The chemistry of love passes quickly enough. It is replaced by no less wonderful and stable feelings, but you will not experience such vivid emotions as at this stage, so do everything to live this period as interesting as possible. Invite a lovely Russian lady on dates, give her gifts, compliments, kisses, and attention. Conquer her step-by-step, more and more surrounded by love and care.

3.  Serious intentions

Vivid feelings gradually calm down, passion subsides, but love and trust grow. You do not want to lose your Russian girlfriend, which means it is time to develop your harmonious union. You can discuss your future plans, start living together, and even announce your engagement.

4. Wedding and honeymoon

This is one of the memorable, vivid periods in the development of relationships. But, in fact, everything looks like this only from the outside. During this period, a man bears responsibility for many organizational issues, a lot of preparatory matters. All this causes fatigue, relationships can become more painful – this is normal. How to develop a relationship with a Russian woman during the preparation period? Just support each other and be respectful. Preparing for the wedding together will bring you closer together.

5. Adjusting to each other’s characters

One of the most difficult periods in a relationship that you need to go through with dignity is the first few years of marriage. You have to learn a lot, there will be the first serious quarrels, resentments, and search for compromises. But, you can become closer to each other and strengthen your bond if, despite everything, you will maintain respect and love for each other.