How to add to your interior design a traveling spirit

It is not necessary to go on a long journey so that the colorful culture of different countries in the form of several colorful souvenirs from such a trip becomes a part of the interior of the rooms in your house. For such a bright and stylish effect, it is enough to design any room in the spirit of wanderings. A traveler-style room will delight everyone who cannot imagine their life without opening new horizons and will give inspiration to those who still dream of feeling the taste of real travel. Such an original stylish design will surpass all expectations if you take into account the basic recommendations for its creation.

Design features

A traveler-style room is an opportunity to create a design for every taste, taking into account individual preferences and wishes. It’s all about the versatility of the travel theme, a wide variety of amazing corners of the planet and the difference in tastes. For some, such a design invariably associates with popular tourist cities with the most famous sights, while for some it seems that a real journey is when the wind of freedom fills the sails of a luxury yacht.

Someone is a connoisseur of antiquity and is fond of pirate themes, while others like exotic adventures in the jungle. Each of the associations allows you to create your own original design of the room in the style of the traveler and is ready to help you with making your ideas a reality using exquisite furniture.

Any room in the house can be decorated in the style of a traveler. This design is most preferable for the living room and nursery. Romantic notes of travel will be especially appropriate in the interior of the bedroom, and certain elements of this design will make it possible to add a special “zest” to the kitchen and bathroom, which is quite appropriate for these rooms.

For example, to design a bathroom in the style of a traveler, it is enough to decorate the walls with tiles with cartographic drawings or mosaics on the theme of sea travel. Even such a small detail as a curtain with similar motives will add originality and individuality to your bathroom interior.

The traveling gourmet’s kitchen

The atmosphere of overseas countries will be successfully conveyed by cutting boards using the decoupage technique with drawings of geographical maps. If you like to delight loved ones with dishes of various national cuisines, then such decor details in the kitchen will make the cooking process even more enjoyable and truly exciting. The interior of the kitchen in the style of travel will also be successfully complemented by ordinary and decorative plates with landscapes and typical sights of those countries which you would like to visit. Wall murals with beautiful landscapes of distant countries in the dining area of ​​the kitchen will add a special travel atmosphere to this room. Geographic maps showing national dishes of different countries will serve as an appetizing addition to the interior of the kitchen in the style of a traveler.

Paradise for little romantics

A traveler-style children’s room is the best place in the house for such an original interior. Such a design will give the child a bright and carefree childhood with dreams of conquering new horizons and a life full of adventures. Usually, a nursery for a boy is designed in this style, but there are also gentle romantic options for the design of children’s rooms for girls. If you are decorating the interior of a nursery, do not forget to take into account the tastes and wishes of your child, which will reflect their individuality.

A marine-style nursery is one of the most popular interior design options in the spirit of adventure and travel. If your child loves the sea, is interested in pirate themes and often fantasizes about sailing around the world, decorate the interior of their nursery so that they can feel like a fearless navigator.

A wall clock in the form of a ship’s wheel, a ship’s anchor in the play area, a rope ladder, a beautiful model of a medieval sailing ship on a bookshelf – all these attributes will create the feeling of being on a real ship, and not in a nursery. The design of the playing area in the form of a captain’s cabin will also be original. Children’s lockers can be with doors that imitate the entrance to the cabin, and a chest can be used to store toys.

The steering wheel may not only serve as a decorative element in the interior of a nursery in the style of a traveler, but also perform a completely practical function. For example, it can be an original shelf for storing various little things. Drawers and wall shelves located at different levels will look good in such an interior.

It is best to choose a bed for a children’s room in the style of a traveler with an original shape. For example, in the form of a luxury car or in the form of a vintage biplane airplane. Near the bed, you can place a hammock, which will serve as a kind of indoor swing for the child.

When choosing furniture, it is best to focus on transforming models, which will allow you to allocate more play space within the room.

The walls can be decorated with maps of the seas and oceans, and on the ceiling with this design, art painting with the image of clouds and seagulls soaring in the sky will be especially appropriate. The most desirable color scheme for this design is a combination of white, blue, light blue, and brown.

A nursery for a girl in this style can be decorated in gentle colors, taking as the basis for the thematic plot of the journey of one of your little girl’s favorite fairy-tale heroines. Another interesting design option for a girl’s nursery is in the best associations with Paris, which will create an elegant interior for a little fashionista.

Adventure is another bright and stylish idea for the design of the little travelers’ room, which will be good for both boys and girls. Photomurals depicting their favorite cartoon characters, in which the action takes place in the jungle, will serve as a decoration for the walls of a nursery in the spirit of such adventures.

Travel is a topic in which you can come up with a lot of different design ideas. You just have to draw inspiration and create an individual interior, based on the preferences of your children.

Around the World

The theme of sea travel can be present not only in the interior of children’s rooms, but also in the living room or home office.

For such a travel-style room design, the ideal solution would be to use at least three light sources: a central chandelier, spotlights along the entire ceiling and a small lamp with diffusing light. All this will allow you to create an unobtrusive environment, like the one that reigns on a real ship.

The walls, decorated with wood (or imitation wood) panels, will not only create a feeling of special home comfort but will also allow you to turn a traveler-style room into a kind of yacht, on which you can go on a coveted trip around the world. This design will be successful both for a study in the house and for a living room.

Aged maps on the walls will be appropriate for almost any living room design. They will add a little mystery to the interior and at the same time will not deprive the feeling of special luxury.

3D printing of colorful landscapes or sea waves on the curtains will add a special “zest” to the living room interior in the style of a traveler. Geographic prints on curtains and cushions will also be appropriate for this design.

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