First and Fun Things To Do In Austin This Weekend

Suppose you have visited Austin during the festive season, and all you can smell is the fragrance of sweets and snow. You have visited there with a group of friends and with a positive festive mood. You plan everything from dinner parties to exploring the city. When it comes to going out, you cannot decide anything at the last minute. Huge turn-off! You end up staying at home, grabbing all the leftovers in the refrigerator. Would you like a festive celebration like that despite being in a bustling city like Austin? We know you won’t! For your uninterrupted fun, we have listed down some fun things to do in Austin this weekend. These activities will give you chills and will make your memories that you won’t forget ever. 

From exploring the festive lights to tasting flavourful delights and enjoying hours of entertainment, there is a lot Austin will offer. Take a look. 

Enjoy a Cruise While Exploring Holiday Lights

When Thanksgiving is over, Austin officially enters festive mode. Rather than hiding in your blanket with your friends in another room, take out your coziest clothes and get ready for a bright cruise tour. Take yourself out of those pajamas and appreciate the festive season by heading to Trail Of Lights in Austin. It has been a famous and one of the most favorite winter activities in the city for more than 50 years. It is a place where over 2 million bulbs are collected together and twinkle resembling the stars in the sky. It is a fantastic scene that was nominated in USA Today’s 10 Best Public Displays Of Holiday Lights. After experiencing the charming lights, head to a nearby bar for a hot drink. 

It is one of everyone’s favorite things to do in Austin this weekend. 

Shop Local Produce at Small Business Saturday

While you may have heard of Black Friday call over YouTube videos and televisions with people obsessing over the latest toys, the real fun is holiday shopping at Small Business Saturday. If you enjoy winter shopping, the city of Austin can’t be any more satisfying. It is filled with local products made by residents of this local-centric city. Entering the market, you would find an uncountable number of stores selling books, records, travel guides, and local foods. The prices vary according to different stools, but all of them are worth purchasing for an Austin Christmas memory. 

Watch Hanukkah themed movies

While all the big screens enjoy Christmas movies during the holiday season, it is evident that most people do not watch Hanukkah-themed feature films. If you want to watch some gents, visit the film festivals partnered by Austin Jewish Film Festival throughout North America. The movie featured at these film festivals varies from documentaries to love stories and more. Treat yourself to some delices while watching the movie to have a cozy festive evening. 

You can check some online websites like The Texas Tasty to explore a list of fun activities to do in Austin. Their list consists of all the upcoming events happening in Austin. Take a look at them to plan a happening weekend.


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