5 Best Automation Apps to Save Time

The digital era is now relying more on machines rather than humans. From making human errors to missing important tasks, we cannot live a perfect life. But humans have developed such devices and tools that help them to automate their tasks.

Smartphone owners, including iOS and Android, can perform so many tasks that one could have never expected in the past. The fact is, without the internet, these smartphones are no longer useful except for making and receiving calls and text messages. For an optimal and seamless experience, try searching for spectrum español ofertas internet that is offering decent plans and download speeds to keep you connected all time.

If we search for apps on Google, we will find a plethora of apps that we don’t even know what do they do and how they could help us. However, in this post, you will find everything you would need to automate your tasks either related to work or performing routine activities. Let’s take a deep dive into these apps.


We unlock our phones several times a day and that takes a lot of toll. Even though you only have to type in your password, but doing it repeatedly can be tiresome. SkipLock is an app to allows you to skip the lock screen and enter it without typing in the password.

Although the app was launched for a premium price, with the increased demand and growing user base, the developers offer it for free. SkipLock prevents you from entering lock screen passwords only if you are connected to a designated Bluetooth device or WiFi. Whether you are using it in your home, in a café, or elsewhere, you can access it without typing a password as long as you are connected to the same device.

Action Blocks

Action Blocks is an app from Google that integrates with Google Assistant. Just ask the app to do a certain task or perform an activity at a certain time. Once you have instructed the app, you can forget it and get busy with your usual activities.

For instance, Action Blocks allow you to turn smart lights on and off. Also If you want to call a client, or someone special on his/her birthday, the app will remind you. Action Blocks is synonymous with Google Assistant. The only difference is that you can choose when it takes place. However, Action Blocks require some tweaks from the developer side so that users can get a seamless experience with this automation app.


Managing multiple tasks simultaneously is not possible for humans. We need something to keep us on track and that is where Tasker comes to the rescue. The app allows you to do over 350 actions and customize your smartphone without struggling much. For instance, you can send messages, change system settings, open apps, control music and so much more.

If you want to backup your important files, Tasker will allow you to do so. It can create a folder on Google Drive or SD card and help you save important data before it is deleted or becomes infected.


Smart homes and devices are gaining traction among homeowners and if you are one of them, then Ecobee should be on your phone. The app adapts to your preferences, needs, and behaviors to give you peace of mind while you are away from home.

If you want to install a smart home device, the app allows you to install it with step-by-step instructions. Moreover, you can cut down on your energy bills by adjusting thermostat settings. Ecobee is an app hub for all your smart home devices.

Power Automate 

Power Automate is an app by Microsoft that allows you to boost productivity and keep track of your business workflow at all times. For instance, it can notify you when a boss sends you an email. Moreover, it can track work hours, download email attachments automatically, and notify you when any updates are made. Power Automate has the capability to connect with other services including Google Drive, One Drive, Slack, Office 365, Facebook, Dropbox, Salesforce, and many more.

Summing Up

Having loads of tasks and so many things to do, automation is the best solution to keep us on track. Install these best automation apps to avoid any problems in the future.