What to Look for When Choosing a Bookmaker?

Today, the betting market is represented by multiple bookmaker companies. Each of them has certain features and offers particular services. No wonder that beginners find it hard to choose the best online bookie among others.

Do you want to see what a good bookie looks like? Read through the betnow review. Once you decide to proceed with your own search, you may need some guidelines.

The Main Criteria for Choosing Bookmakers

While searching for a bookie you should focus on the certain criteria. They will let you identify the most suitable option on the market.


Reliability or solvency determines the bookie’s intentions. Although it aims to earn money, it should be oriented toward a fair game. Whether it comes to odds, bets, or payouts, a bookie should have a clear set of rules to be followed. As a bettor, you should be protected from unfair results or unfair treatment from the bookmaker’s company.

In order to choose a bookmaker by this criterion, you will have to analyze sportsbook ratings that are available on the Internet. Of course, you shouldn’t treat it as the final factor for forming your personal opinion on a bookie. But it can surely give you a piece of idea on how to perceive this or that betting company.

Betting Odds Value

Betting odds value is a crucial criterion for each bettor. Being dependent on the margin percent (guaranteed profit), they determine the final winning value. In fact, the lower margin percentage, the higher odds for gamblers.

Betting Line and Variety of Markets

A wide betting line and a variety of markets make betting more interesting. By conducting thorough research and analysis, you can choose the options that might have the biggest chances of success. Just take a look at the bookmaker’s website to make everything clear to yourself.

Available Payment Methods

You should pay attention to available payment methods for deposit/withdrawal. For example, many bookies experience certain inconveniences when it comes to processing customer credit cards. While most bookies accept Visa, a few bookies accept Mastercard and American Express. Also, some bookies charge a commission for making both inbound and outbound transactions. So, it is important to keep this fact in mind.

By the way, don’t forget to check out the supported currencies. Most bookies accept EURO and USD. However, not all of them are fine with NOK or RUB. In case the selected bookie doesn’t have your currency on the list, it should at least offer an option to convert one currency into the other.

Good Customer Service

If you make betting clear to yourself, you will enjoy a smooth experience. However, newcomers will surely have more than enough questions in the beginning of their way. This is why it’s important to find a responsive bookie. Whenever you have a question, you should have an opportunity to contact online experts.

The customer support service is an inseparable part of every bookmaker’s company. Online experts must be ready to address any kind of inquiries at any time of the day and night. Meanwhile, bookies must be given at least several contact channels. These can be a live chat, email, phone number, Skype, social media, or something else.

Before you say your last word and register an account, you should try to contact the local customer support representatives. Just make sure that they are ready to react to your inquiries. If they fail to pass this test, you should focus on other bookmakers.

Now that you know how to conduct your search, you have better chances of making the right decision. If you take into account all these criteria, you will surely choose the best bookie on the market.