Top 6 Reasons People Use Storage Units

Ever wondered why people use storage units and if you are one of the only people that do? You are not alone. Some people use storage units for the basic home storage option and others use them for pretty extravagant reasons that you may not understand. Below, we will talk about some of the reasons people utilize storage units and we hope this blog helps you see how you can use a unit to your advantage too. 

Get More Space 

Pretty obvious, right? Most people use storage units so that they can get more space in their home. Decluttering can be hard without a storage unit, especially if you are not ready to part with an item but you have no where to keep it. 

One option that people tend to use as well is that they will rent a storage unit short term so that they can work on decluttering their home and then once it is decluttered, they move the items back into the home. 


People use storage units when they are moving. Why? Because it is convenient and can eliminate some of the stress. Renting out a storage area can provide you with the extra space you need to help you get more done too. Some of the scenarios where someone may move and need to rent a storage unit include:

  • Consolidating multiple homes into one 
  • Closing date was changed 
  • Sold their home 
  • Downsizing 
  • Getting a hoe ready to sell 

Home Renovation 

Home remodeling and renovations can kick up a lot of dust getting your furniture and other items dirty. To prevent this, many people will rent a self-storage unit to keep their items safe until the renovation is completed. 

Empty Out a Dorm Room 

College students utilize storage units more than you may even realize. Many of them do so because they need somewhere to store their belongings in between semesters and when they go on breaks. No one want to bring all their furniture with them back and forth all summer long, so renting a storage unit is a great idea. 


Storage units are ideal for storing recreational vehicles, marine vehicles, SUVs, trucks, cars, vans, and more. Many people choose to store their vehicles inside of a storage unit, especially when they go away on vacation or they take a break for the winter. 

While storing your vehicle inside the storage unit sounds ideal, there are other options such as covered outdoor spaces and traditional outdoor spaces. Be sure to prepare your vehicle for storage regardless of what storage space you choose. 


This one is a bit two-fold in its uses. First, people use storage units for business purposes such as keeping their clients’ folders and paperwork safe. Companies who use their storage unit for this may also use their unit to store additional items from the office to free up space. 

Secondly, businesses use storage units to operate their business from. For example, sales professionals, crafters, book dealers, and retailers will use storage units to store their inventory. When a sale happens, they head to their storage unit, grab the item, and mail it out. 

Storage Units Have Many Uses

Storage units are not just used for items in your home and can be used for a plethora of items. 


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